WWE Raw Supershow Rating

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This week's WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.2 cable rating off hours of 3.11 and 3.22 with an average viewing audience of 4,407,000 viewers on the USA Network.

  • Matt

    Very good rating, I'd expect next week after MITB to be higher and of course, 1000th episode honestly I hope does a 4.0 if not higher

  • The Dude

    Wow. I thought it was going to be way lower. The rating increase from hour 1 to 2 is a very good sign.

  • I hope that because of last night's episode of Raw, next week's will go down under 3.0. Maybe that can influence creative and Vince to step it up and don't give us crappy Raw's!

    • XKonn247

      I really agree mate. Mondays raw was bullcrap.

  • MonstaHeel450

    the real reason: AJTV!! She's drawin them in like bears to honey. (Sweetness)

    • MonstaHeel450

      But Hornswoggle as GM? Really? Really? Creative defnitely had a brainfart on that one.

  • British bulldog

    By far one of the worse episodes I’ve ever seen!! Just terrible