WWE Raw Tanks In The Ratings

This week's WWE Raw did a 2.72 cable rating with an average viewing audience of only 3,787,000 viewers on the USA Network.

Stiff competition returned with the return of the fall schedule on the broadcast networks in addition to 16,000,000 viewers watching Monday Night Football on ESPN.

We'll have more shortly.

  • xChristenLynnx


  • Spike westphal

    Oh well I guess they will put the wwe championship as soon as John cena is fully heald

  • ted

    at least raw got a rating that tna will never see in this century. tna will likely get a .9 this week since nfl network is now available on time warner cable.

    cena should be champion again. only the iwc kids think cm punk is a big star.

    • Brandon Ceielo

      I would LOVE to hear your definition of a "big star".

  • Evon Reese

    With those ratings they might ought to

  • Tyler Bowles

    Not trying to be that guy to talk about the MNF game, but that call was pathetic at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game. #BringBackTheOldRefs

    • outkazt09

      Am a bears fan and even though I hate the packers, packers got robbed. I think they wont bring the real refs until the Gms and coaches start to complain. That Seattle win should have an asterisk.

    • Jason

      Waiting for the day the teams protest and decide they are not taking the field at all. If these bogus calls keep up, I don't see it too far off.

  • ted

    if the green bay packer defender was smart, he would have tried to knock the ball to the ground rather than trying to catch it. the whole "contraversial call would have been avoided.

    • gpturbo81

      that sure worked for the titans didn't it

  • John

    As i'm living in the UK i'm not entirely sure what the sports media's reaction has been back in the US over this Packers/Seahawks debacle, but that was a really dark day for the NFL.. One of the worst decisions in the sports history! Goodell has to end the lockout now or this season will become a joke!

    Anyway back to the wrestling.. i'm not surprised at all with those ratings giving the product there putting out these days! It's terrible & has been for a long time. I actually applaud Richard & all the guys who work for WNW, because it must get really tedious having to constantly follow & report on all things WWE when it's this bad.

    • The Dude


      • XKonn247

        Get a life, TheDude

  • Matt

    I have watched almost every Raw, literally within 10 episodes, and this was the first Raw EVER that I actually fell asleep to. I woke up at 1am to some crap on USA network, I missed the last hour of it haha. Minus the Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler segment, nothing stood out

  • Jeff

    Right…punk is the reason for the ratings. It’s called going up against the nfl. It’s called no one wants to watch 3 hours every week.

  • Btb

    Wwe ratings are down bc they’ve been putting out a crappy product. 3 hours is too long and everyone knows it is mostly filler. They’ve been running the same boring stories for awhile and there hasn’t been a real cliffhanger in awhile. Really no reason to watch when you can read a summary of the crap dq matches online in 5 minutes

  • nWo 4 Life

    wwe= twin towers…
    On the downer…. Down down down
    Yes yes yes
    No no no

    • sweeeeeet

      Didn’t really like the twin towers joke but, I like your name bro. It’s just too……

  • Frank K.

    As far as WWE trying to "compete" on Monday nights with the NFL…how about a joint venture where Kane can come out and choke slam an NFL official after a particularly onerous call?

  • Herman Tank

    Or better yet they can pull an NHL and give whiny fans something to really complain about other than a bad call. At least there is football…

  • Bo Bossonf

    AAEntAAAAnother Rawer text right here!