*Spoilers* WWE Raw Taping Results From Birmingham, England

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WWE taped this week's WWE Raw Monday from the Birmingham LG Arena in Birmingham, England. Below are full results:

WWE Raw:

* Michael Cole and Jim Ross come out with Cole getting a heel reaction and JR getting a babyface reaction. They are this week's commentary team.

* Backstage, The Miz quits Team Punk in a segment that also involves Paul Heyman

* Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & R-Truth b. The Prime Time Players & WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.

* Vickie Guerrero presents her video evidence to John Cena, who dismisses it as edited.

* Backstage, AJ threatens Vickie Guerrero, but Vickie threatens to fire AJ if she does anything. Dolph Ziggler comes up and teases AJ, causing her to run off.

* Backstage, Paul Heyman convinced Wade Barrett to join Team Punk.

* Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow b. Daniel Bryan w/ Kane. After the match, Rhodes said that Sandow could defeat Kane, which Sandow disagreed with, but the match was made anyway.

* Kane w/ Daniel Bryan b. Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes. Bryan and Rhodes were ejected from ringside for fighting during the match.

* Michael Cole interviewed Brad Maddox in the ring. Maddox denied being in cahoots with CM Punk, instead explaining that his actions at Hell in a Cell were done to make an impact. He then requested a match with Ryback. Vince McMahon interrupted and offered Maddox a contract if he could defeat Ryback next week. He then called out Vickie Guerrero, and had her make CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback official for Survivor Series.

* Sheamus b. The Miz. Big Show was on commentary for the match.

* Vickie Guerrero walked out of Vince McMahon's office and told Dolph Ziggler that he has been named the captain of Team Punk. CM Punk stopped her and told her that Vince wasn't serious. Vickie put Ziggler and Punk into a tag team match against Ryback and John Cena in the main event.

* Backstage, William Regal and Sheamus interact.  Regal receives a huge ovation.

* Kaitlyn & Layla b. Eve & Aksana

* Kofi Kingston b. Alberto Del Rio. Randy Orton's music interrupted the match, distracting Del Rio and allowing Kingston to get the win. After the match, Orton came out and hit Del Rio with an RKO.

* Santino Marella & Zack Ryder b. Primo & Epico

* Wade Barrett b. Brodus Clay

* Heath Slater b. Jey Uso

* WWE Champion CM Punk came out with Paul Heyman and said that Vince McMahon won't let the tradition of screwing with his most talented performer at Survivor Series die.  He said he will be WWE Champion for 364 days and even longer after that.

* Ryback & John Cena b. WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler when Ryback pinned Punk clean after hitting Shellshock.

  • Dave

    Wait what? Punk vs Cena vs Ryback? so Punk is gonna be in a Team match as well as defending his title?

    • Jay

      They swapped punk with Ziggler for the tag match so now Dolph is captain

      • Dave

        Talk about a creative clusterfuck.

  • Patrick_OToole

    Wait… so is Punk wrestling twice or just the captain for Team Punk?

  • Robbie

    CM Punk vs Ryback vs John Cena? Thought Punk and Ryback were in the 5 on 5 tag match?

  • Dean Ambrose

    Richard I bet you didn't see that title match being made did you? Thoughts?

  • xChristenLynnx

    CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback for Survivor Series for the WWE title doesn't make sense to have Punk wrestle twice?

  • Bigdaddychuck

    What was the main event? Or was there no main event? Seems like this is more than raw..

  • spikewestphal

    a tape 3 hour raw wwe are gonna tank even more in the rateings

    • f.stevens

      just like tna when thursday night football,nba on tnt,x-factor,and the voice kicks their butt this thursday.

  • Blake

    Pink is replaced by ziggler the tag team match happens don raw

  • Joey

    It looks like the captains have been pulled from their elimination tag matches and thrusted into a tite match. Hence Ziggler and Barrett being added to Team Punk (Now Team Ziggler, I guess). That still leaves one spot open on Team Foley. Any guesses?

    • Wwefan4eva

      Foley one night return maybe?

      • Joey

        That's what I was thinking, or possibly (EXTREME wishful thinking on my part) The Rock? His movie wraps in a couple days, and I did here a rumor of WWE wanting him to do an appearance. What a surprise it would be to have his music hit next Monday. Would make sense given his and Foley's history, as well as help hype his match at The Rumble. He appeared last year. Maybe have him do a staredown with Punk or a segment. Probably not gonna happen though.

  • rich

    why is everyone concerned about punk wrestling twice and ignoring that ryback is in both matches as well?

    • JoMamma121212

      Thank you

    • Simon Veitch

      Because no one has bothered to read that Punk was pulled from the team match, so he's not actually wrestling twice

  • craig

    so lets run this down. the fans get screwed out of a cena-punk hiac blow off match, a bs hell in a cell finish, and last weeks raw doesnt count. gotcha

  • Graham williams

    Wish the raw crowds in the US were as awesome as they were in Birmingham last night, made an average raw very entertaining