WWE Raw Viewership Sinks - Hour Three The Lowest Of Them All

This week's WWE Raw, the go-home to Hell in a Cell, did an average viewing audience of 3,554,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is the hourly breakdown:

  • Hour one: 3,578,000
  • Hour two: 3,653,000
  • Hour three: 3,432,00

While the show had significant competition with the third Presidential Debate, the MLB Playoffs and Monday Night Football, a tell-tell sign is the drop in viewership from hour two to hour three.

  • ted

    well, tna on thursday will be up against an nfl game, game 2 of the world series and next week the nba on tnt returns with a season long schedule of thursday night games so tna wil be lucky to get 1.0 ratings.

  • Mark3man

    Do you ever get UK viewing figures?

    • British bulldog

      I’ve asked that several times before, seems there’s no interest!

  • snuggle

    Wwe was up against not only Football, but the last presidential debate. That’s tough to overcome no matter who you are.

  • determined

    remember this date…NOVEMBER 6th! after that date vince can finally get his head out of his wife's ass and give us more edgier (?sp) programming.

  • Brandon Ceielo

    Can we get the ratings as 2.4 and stuff along with the number of viewing audience? Going from the Nielson Rating to the viewing audience bit is confusing the crap out of me.

    • jonmgill2493

      1 Nielsen point~1.16m viewers

  • ted

    wwe is still going to be pg regardless of linda's political aspirations.

    linda does not care about the stupid world of pro rassling. she sees it as a circus freak show and the pro wrestlers are just circus animals.

  • eurosario

    This raw was up against mnf,last presidential debate and baseballs national finales

  • Robert olley

    If they added the uk viewer ships it would be alot higher. Look at tna they looked at the ratings and were shouting about it because they broke the record in the uk.

  • Wenriquez

    Currently there is really no reason to view continuously, you can always tune back and forth and miss nothing. IMHO the Wwe needs a faction like degeneration x or the four horsemen. The Miz has all the tools except size, Dolph lacks camera presence, joining these two and adding a manager, best guess off the top of my head – Chris Jericho, a group such as the one described would keep me interested throughout because something can always happen. They can dictate policy by owning the championships and add a wrestler or two later on. The best thing is that they both can be world champions, satisfying both egos and harmony within the group