After WWE Raw Went Off Air, Videos Of WWE Partnering With Special Olympics, Kevin Hart Appearance

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- After WWE Raw went off the air, Dean Ambrose came out to the arena and hit Seth Rollins several times with a steel chair. John Cena came to the aid and hit Seth with an Attitude Adjustment. Roman Reigns ended the brawl with a spear to Rollins to make the fans go home happy.

- Below are several videos of WWE partnering up with the Special Olympics this week:

- Kevin Hart was the special guest star for WWE Raw. He made several cameo appearances. His main stunt was to commentate during the Adam Rose and Summer Rae vs. Fandango and Layla match. At the end of the match, Kevin Hart joined Adam Rose's dance party. The video can be seen below:

  • Patrick

    a shame they didn’t show what happen after Raw went off the air…those type things maybe special for fans at the Arena but not fair to fans at home who can’t see it.. I’ve seen the DVD WWE came out with.. showing all the stuff that happens after Raw and Smackdown goes off the air. it’s great.

    • Mysterion

      How is it unfair to the viewer, watching at home who hasn’t spent a shed load of money on a ticket to be at the event live? It’s a treat and a show of gratitude to the people who actually spend money and go to events.

      • Paul Jameson

        and if you can only imagine how many DVDs of “extra time” they could release by now… would be many volumes worth.

        • Mysterion

          Very good point!