WWE Reads WNW, Defending The Impact Zone, Cena's Return, Sandow Cash In, Where HBK Ranks

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Does WWE pay any attention to websites like yours? It would probably help them make certain decisions if they did.

WWE pays attention to WrestlingNewsWorld.com and we actually have a good relationship with their Public Relations department. The company used to have a reputation of "ignoring the dirt sheets," but the fact of the matter is it is 2013 and we're not going away. WWE doesn't look to this website for creative advice but they do monitor to see what information we are putting out. This is also why we are careful what we post in terms of storyline plans because WWE has and will change match outcomes based on what gets leaked onto the Internet.

What if TNA decided to tape Impact Wrestling at one city every month rather than returning to the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida?

We still do not have full details on the future of Impact Wrestling. The belief is the company will hold a set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios next month, however, I haven't heard what's going to happen beyond that. Everyone enjoys burying the Impact Zone but I flat out disagree. The Impact Zone at Universal Studios provides the company with a TV-friendly facility, a packed house of fans and a tourist attraction for the theme park itself. Obviously it's not ideal but TNA is still a very local product. Every time TNA has tried to step out and "become the next WWE," they've failed. Why is this? Because they're not big enough for such an endeavor. If TNA can't sellout their biggest pay-per-view of the year then why did anyone think they could sellout television tapings? Assuming TNA is able to bounce back from their most recent rough patch, we need to accept TNA for what it is. It's a bigger company than the average independent promotion but it's a local product that airs weekly on Spike TV. It's not on WWE's level and unless it sees rapid growth like WCW did in the 90s, it should be treated as such.

I refuse to believe John Cena will "do the honors" at Hell in a Cell on Sunday but I also do not see him carrying the World Heavyweight Championship. Could you see him beating Alberto Del Rio but Damien Sandow "cashing in" and winning the title?

This is a possible scenario and the fact WWE has teased Damien Sandow "cashing in" fairly often leads me to believe they're considering doing it sooner than later. However, it seems like it would be a hard sell to put John Cena under, in any situation, coming back from a two-month absence. Passing the torch or doing the honors is always a good thing for an established veteran to do but it's essential the talent getting the torch is ready for such an opportunity. I'm a fan of Sandow but I wouldn't buy him over John Cena, it's too soon.

If Battleground wasn't considered an absolute flop of a pay-per-view, do you think John Cena would still be returning at Hell In A Cell or would WWE have held off his return for a later date?

As far as I know WWE immediately came up with plans to bring John Cena back when he received medical clearance. We can all speculate about whether or not he is returning too soon but this seems like a case of Cena getting cleared and creative "hot shotting" him right back into the mix. With stiff competition and viewership declining, Vince McMahon is always going to to respond strong.

In my opinion Shawn Michaels is the greatest North American worker that's ever laced his boots. What’s your opinion on Shawn Michaels and his ranking among the all-time best? Is his status diminished because of his so called "drawing power" or do you see him as viable to be called the best of all-time?

Anyone that knows me knows that I hate lists, especially where people expect me to role out one of the "greatest of all-time." This is a difficult thing to do in pro sports but it's nearly impossible in pro wrestling. There are so many things to factor in and so many things that influence where someone chooses to rank a certain individual. However, in the same breath, I don't think it's unreasonable to throw Shawn Michaels' name around in the argument. However, we can't have that argument without mentioning at least 5-10 other workers. The best way to do it is to separate lists based on set parameters, whether they be by era, in-ring skills, drawability, look, charisma, Wrestlemania, etc. Once some guidelines are in place, it's much easier to begin to compute a list. Let me explain further with an example.

Hulk Hogan is the most recognizable name in the history of the business yet his work didn't touch the work of Bret Hart. Hart might have more name recognition in Canada but by large, Hogan is better known than Bret. Now factor in someone like Ric Flair, who isn't as well known as Hogan and his in-ring work wasn't as good as Bret. Let's throw Steve Austin in but we have to remember  his in-ring career was cut short by injury and The Rock is still able to draw in 2013. Shawn Michaels had some of the best matches in Wrestlemania history, yet Undertaker is still stealing the show on a yearly basis. Do you see what I mean? I just mentioned 7 names and solved nothing, not to mention I left out very prominent and recognizable names, such as Bruno Sammartino.

From the Ask WNW vault...

October 2008: Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter need to convince Spike TV to spend more money on them. TNA Wrestling can only go as far as their network can take them and I think that it is up to the higher-ups in TNA to convince the network that they are really going to have to open up their wallets if they want to give McMahon some competition. I also think that TNA should do a better job of branding their own workers (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Robert Roode, etc.) rather than limiting main event pushes to already established workers (Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T, etc.). Obviously I do not have all of the answers but more could be done and I know that is the feeling amongst several of the company's workers.

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  • David Jr.

    I think the reason, WCW was able to compete with the WWE was because they had as much history as WWE had. So they had a fan base already there. Plus Ted Turner helped too.

  • Jbreed

    Richard basically you unintentionally nominated Shawn Michaels as the greatest of all time because he’s probably the only one who enters in each of the parameters you mentioned.

    • Xavier


    • Xavier


      • Jbreed

        But Flair’s not exactly Mr. Wrestlemania.

        • Xavier

          So what. Flair spent his prime years in the AWA, NWA/WCW. Flair had a short run in the WWE from late 91 thur early 93. Then didn’t return to the WWE until late 01 and by then he was 51. You should check out Flair’s stuff from the late 70s thru the early/mid 90s. There wasn’t another wrestler during that time that could LACE Flair’s boots.

          • Jbreed

            I never said Shawn Michaels was better than Flair or that Michaels is the greatest of all time. I was basically referring to the answer Richard gave. He didn’t agree Michaels is the greatest of all time but the determining factors he gave for being the greatest, (in-ring abilities, drawability, look, charisma Wrestlemania legacy, etc. which I’m assuming includes mic skills) suggest it would be Shawn Michaels.

          • TheBigKing1


    • Malboja

      I still say taker is the greatest ever
      He has to be close to the top in all mentioned catagories
      Maybe the guys n girls in the office who run wnw should use the catagories and run a point system to see who is voted greatest ever …
      Make a list of candidates then a list of catagories
      And give them a point rating and add up the totals ? Would be interesting to read the results

  • Tim

    So a lot of the bad decisions could have happened because of this website

    • Matys

      Like Ryback “ticking” out? Losing his cool and professionalism? Yeah that was “bad”…. LOL

  • Xavier

    Richard, you said Flair’s work wasn’t as good as Bret’s? When did you start watching wrestling bro? Take a look at Flair’s stuff in the early-mid 80s against guys like Kerry Von Erich, Roddy Piper, Magnum T.A, Ronnie Garvin, Sting & Jay Youngblood. or his feuds in the late 80s with Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, Vader & Bobby Eaton. Most of Flair’s best stuff blows most of Bret’s best stuff out of the water.

    However I do agree, that it’s damn near impossible to really pin point who all the time greatest is, their are just so many scales in which a professional wrestler is measured on.

    • I actually agree with Bret Hart regarding Ric’s work so I’m not the best guy to talk about his in-ring.

  • Matys

    WWE reads very well several newssources such as WNW, Observer and of course PWInsider (which WWE lately refered to the WWE Network start date). It doesn’t matter which site someone likes or trusts for news, it’s still a shame that many times WWE does not seperate the good news sites (who do this for a living) from the real dirtsheet sites. But as Richard tells right here, it seems to change to a better.

  • Charlie

    I like the vault thing but is there any way we can get the question too?

    • Mysterion

      I mentioned this a few days ago, too. Just think it’d be nice to get some context.

    • Intentionally leaving the question out… It just gets too confusing. I link back to the original so you can read it in its entirety. Also, the response always makes reference to the initial question.

      • Charlie

        Thanks Richard, didn’t notice the link…

  • Super Crazy

    Again can we please have the question from “the vault,” who reads the answer before they’ve read the question? No logic

    • GODSENT68

      jeopardy lol

      • Super Crazy

        Haha, so true

  • John

    Considering Survivor Series is in Cena’s hometown of Boston, i think it’s fair to say that they are rushing him back.

    They are also really pushing the fact that we will definitely get a new WWE champion at the PPV.. I think they know that they messed up badly at Battleground.