WWE Referee Has Surgery, WWE’s New Live Event Set, WNW Reader Meets Chris Jericho On Monday

WWE referee Justin King underwent ankle surgery yesterday under Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. The surgery was a success and he’s expected to be back son.

WWE has an article on their official website about their new 20×40 live event set. Click here to read it. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

Wrestling News World reader Brian Perine met Chris Jericho after his return on Monday’s Raw Supershow in Memphis. The following is from Brian’s Twitter:

  • Matt Scott

    I met Jericho on his birthday in York. He just seemed happy people only wanted to see Fozzy not just talk crap about WWE

    • @RatedMKD

      I've met him a few times. If you wanna get him talking, just make sure you're wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Never failed for me, haha!

  • Josh in MN

    nice pic man.