WWE Referee Removes Facebook Rant, Explains Blown Finish; Triple H Speaks On Hogan

WWE Referee Marc Harris Removes Rant

Following his rant on Facebook, WWE referee Marc Harris Tweeted the following about the blown finish to Natalya & The Great Khali vs. AJ Lee & Big E Langston on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw:

It's worth mentioning that Harris deleted his rant and blocked us on Twitter.

Triple H Speaks

Triple H did an interview with NBC Sports Radio following Tuesday's SummerSlam press conference. Like the press conference itself, Hunter remained in-character but he did mention Hulk Hogan being included in WWE 2K14. You can listen at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Dan

    I don’t get why no one understood that AJ didn’t tap til after Natalya released the hold. It was really obvious.

    • Me

      They way I saw it, AJ was tapping and Nattie released too soon.

      • Dan

        I’m not gonna say it didn’t happen cuz I may not have noticed that. It’s very possible. I thought nattie released then AJ tapped but I could be wrong.

  • bob

    While it was obvious, this guy seriously ahs a “superstar” attitude about himself… I get it you’re a ref, in WWE nonetheless… but man, calm down, you’re not the one people are tuning in to see, and you’re definitely no star… rules are rules, but matches have scripted finishes and time limits. you don’t want to piss Vince off being too flashy, or your “professional” @$$ is going to get canned back down to the minors.

    • Jaryd

      So you’d rather a match had a stupid non-ending? Why don’t we just let people kick out at 2 and a half and still end the match. Maybe have people eliminated from the Royal Rumble when they go through the middle rope. As long as we know what was supposed to happen it’s fine, eh?

  • That ref is dumb

    A submission hold does not have to applied for someone to submit.

    • Guy Landau

      Yes it does, in that physical contact has to be made between the wrestlers for tapping the mat to be considered a tap-out. Otherwise any wrestler pumping themselves up would cause the bell to ring. You can call for the match to be stopped without a submission, but you can’t TAP OUT without one.

  • Xavier

    I don’t understand why people are making a big deal about a botch in a match that A.) Wasn’t important and B.) Won’t remember in a couple weeks anyway. Who cares who botched. I would understand all the fuss if something like this happened in the Cena/Bryan or Punk/Lesnar match but not for a 3 minute throwaway match on a Monday Night Raw that most people didn’t see anyway because they were to busy taking a piss break or fixing a snack in the kitchen.

    • Robert Olley

      So you took more time than the actual match just to rant about people ranting?

      • Xavier

        You took the time to complain about a botch in a match that most people either turned the channel on or barely paid attention to? I mean really, why would you want a ref to get fired over one small mistake

  • Robert Olley

    Jesus never known anybody with such a narcissistic complex. Usually id say wwe could use it on tv but i think he should be let go.

  • Charles

    Natalya just wasn’t that into it.
    She mailed in those Sharpshooters.

  • BigMike

    This ref is an ass and he was out of position during the hold and it was released and had to be reapplied because he was simply out of position which is a rookie mistake and his arrogant ass is acting like he did nothign wrong? WTF im sure he will be out of a job if he screws that up again

  • Lrgetrout25

    I’m sorry, to take this attitude after he is most responsible for the blown finish … if I had a say, he would be future endeavored.