WWE Refuses To Back Off Pro-Putin Gimmick At Battleground

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We wondered over the weekend if WWE would back off Lana's storyline support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in light of recent current events. We noted there was no change at Friday night's live event in Pensacola, FL (nor was there Saturday in Tallahassee).

Lana cut her normal anti-USA/pro-Russia promo prior to Rusev's match against Jack Swagger at WWE's Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday night, calling the American president a "sissy" and praising Putin.

Below is a screen shot:

Some observers noted that not only did WWE not "tone it down" but they "turned it up," in an effort to continue to get heat on Rusev/Lana, while also turning Swagger and Zeb Colter as patriotic babyfaces. The recent crowd acceptance of Swagger changed the initial plan for Rusev to make "quick work" of Swagger, something we mentioned in our Backstage Raw News.

Rusev ended up going over at Battleground but via count out, leaving the door open for the program. After the match, Rusev issued a post-match beat down.

  • Vic Jose

    I predict Rusev will finally lose to Swaggar next month, it will mean more at a bigger event.

    I thought she called Obama a wuss.

    • Splash

      I quit match at summerslam? Seems obvious

  • David F

    WWE should not have gone there tonight. Innocent lives were lost and should not be used in wrestling storyline so soon. I understand getting Rusev heat but there are others ways to do it. This is just low even for WWE

    • Big D

      I surprised that you’re surprised. This is tame on Vince’s scale.

      • David F

        I am not surprised knowing Vince’s history with conversational angles but he should have left this one alone

        • wwe rules

          it is just fake pro wrestling. no one in the “real world” cares about fake wrestling stroylies. the way the world is going more innocent lives will be lost on a regular basis.

  • jason witten 82

    He will go over swag clean next, then cena saves the day and puts rusev down after, no problem

  • Gary Robert

    Once again, and mind blowingly so, no red-white-blue being worn by Swagger. This amazes me!!

  • Padres4life

    I am glad Swagger got himself over enough to not get squashed, he kicked the crap out of Rusev tonight..good for him, too bad he won’t be the one beating his undefeated streak though.