WWE Releases Continue: Aksana, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal

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The releases in WWE continue as three more names have been added to the round of roster cuts announced on Thursday morning. The new names are as follows:

  • Aksana
  • Curt Hawkins
  • Jinder Mahal

As reported earlier on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, these names join Teddy Long, Camacho, Brodus Clay, Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu.

This is the first round of mass roster cuts in years as this is something Triple H has opposed doing. I do not know why the change but clearly, the company has reverted back to something that used to be an annual occurrence.

  • Adam Eaton

    What happens to 3MB now?

    • CJ Blaze


      • Adam Eaton

        Slater and Drew former a stable with Dallas and become Bolievers? Lol that would be awesome!

        • Bubba

          Drew’s been released too already

          • Adam Eaton

            I had seen that right after I posted. Should we assume slater is next?

          • Bubba

            Well it wouldn’t be a surprise….can’t see them having something for him, but not Drew. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryder follow, maybe a couple more divas too…

          • theburningfire

            Slater is really fantastic at his role though. They need a guy like him, who is talented, easy to dislike, and gets a reaction when he gets walloped. If they drop him, it’ll be a true shame. Also, I personally will miss 3MB always stepping up and talking crap when the Shield takes a hit (or implodes), only to get crushed by them for being so inferior. Hilarity.

          • ronald

            slater just had a kid so its gonna be hard to

      • Adam Eaton

        Nevermind just seen no more Drew

  • K!NG

    Jinder was hindered

  • Josh G

    Great no more of that 3MB crap on my TV

  • Bubba

    Drew McIntyre gone also

    • Skip Mathias

      He had the One Man Band gimmick… I guess, Heath can go back to that.

      • BigMike

        he sucked at that as well….. he is a joke… at least Santino has skill in the ring

  • K!NG

    well WWE had to make back on some of that $340 million they lost

  • BigMike

    Glad Aksana is gone… IMO the accident with Naomi was clearly her fault and should have been avoided and was lucky it was not worse…. she has little talent and zero mic skills… now to get rid of the other no talent divas like Fox and a few others who are simply eye candy and give female wrestlers a bad name

  • Ricky

    Never liked Aksana, her hair looked like a wig, maybe she can eat mistletoe on the indies. When was the last time we even saw Hawkins on WWE TV? Mahal hasn’t been properly used since he managed the Great Khali.

  • Harry Linderman

    didn’t their stock just drop from starting new network?probably trying to save money.

  • Tom Mayer

    There WWE goes… #donthinderjinder

  • Tom Mayer

    they must have a little faith in Heath Slater and Zack Ryder then…so that’s promising.

  • David F

    Now with 3mb gone its time for Clem Layfield to appear on Raw!!

  • Justin Simpson

    Teddy Long has been with them for so long. That is a big suprise.