WWE Releases Danny Burch, Mason Ryan, Oliver Grey & Shaul Guerrero

WWE has released the following workers from their developmental contracts:

  • Danny Burch
  • Mason Ryan
  • Oliver Grey
  • Shaul Guerrero

The releases became public knowledge when their profiles were removed from the NXT section here on dot com.

  • Mysterion

    Are any of them surprising?

    • Rachel Miller

      Not really, although Mason Ryan was thought to be re-joining the main roster but it never really materialized.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Mason Ryan is a perfect example of WWE holding back people and stopping them from reaching their full potential. WWE tries to make it look like they’re focusing more on their developmental but then they go and get rid of people like Mason Ryan or Chris Hero

    • Patrick

      I agree but if he does the indy scene for a while and improves WWE might bring him back. I could see him go to ROH, OVW or PWG.

    • Ricky

      Ryan really didn’t have any real direction in WWE or NXT. He was just a big guy who looked like Batista. There is always a chance he could come back. Ryback, Cesaro and Sandow where all released but brought back now they are main roster.

    • Johnnie Li

      Sounds like they missed out on a potential Mason Ryan vs. Batista match

  • Baby Batista’s been kicked to the curb? He was on the main roster for a minute but WWE didn’t know what to do with him and Mason didn’t know what to do with himself either. He was just a one-dimensional tough guy that looked too much like Batista to be taken seriously.

  • Patrick

    what? didn’t Shaul Guerrero (Vickie’s Daughter ) just return to WWE?

  • Lance UpperCutt

    there’s a stable of pissed off UK guys going to TNA to back up Rockstar Spud
    Also a big miss to to make a tag team with Batista or be a fake Batista

  • I don’t understand why these guys weren’t cut long ago. There are about 20 talents on the roster that need to be cut. Hopefully this is the beginning of more.

    • Ricky

      I agree with everyone of those but Grey, I do feel like he got the raw end of the deal after just returning and being buried by going under to guys like Camacho and Mojo Rawley.

      • Yeah, it is very unfortunate. Hopefully they can prove themselves outside the company and be brought back one day if they get better. WWE is notorious for granting second chances.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    Ohh no, we won’t see the dream match, mason ryan vs batista

  • Mr. Gray

    This is just your typical post Wrestlemania cuts. WWE does this every year.