WWE Releases New PSA Against Bullying Of Gay & Transgender Youth

- WWE released a new Public Service Announcement against bullying of gay and transgender youth. The PSA was posted on the official YouTube channel of GLAAD.  You can view it embedded in the video below:

  • Tigeral

    Coles awesome!!!

  • MsMojorisin

    wwe is still a hypocrite with their whole bullying thing

  • Casey29

    Bullying is bad people need to think about what they r doing to these people they r bullying the long term effects it will have on them. Cole is a real ass I wish king would knock him out. Even though it’s all for show

  • Prprince

    I disagree, while we all know that Cole is a jerk we fail to think that it this behavior happens in real life. If any thing wwe shows that people stand up to bullies. I think it’s wrong but just because it happens on t.v. People get upset. It happens at schools,work and even with family. J.R. will not back down and I think that’s a lesson people can learn from. Do we say the same thing when we see bullies in movies not really because we know it’s a movie… Well wwe is just that a movie (t.v. Show).

    • Hello

      Yeah it’s a tv show that supports anti-bullying, yet had bullying on their show.

      Did you ever see Bob Barker and the Price is Right have a big cat & dog orgy with unfixed animals??? No! Because they sent the message to spade & neuter

  • Dave Barton

    Don’t hate Cole, hate Vince & the writers for ordering him to be as obnoxious as possible. Cole’s just trying to do what’s expected of him. If he were going into business for himself out there, Vince would have him fined/fired in no time flat.

    • Ruck

      I believe Cole did go into business for himself last week when King asked “what’s wrong with your mouth?” and Cole replied “there’s nothing wrOng with my mouth, unlike JR!” and folks let it be known that Vince was not in the ear of Cole at

      That time. Many ppl have said that what you see of Cole these days is exactly how he is in real life, just with the volume turned all the way up. Plus this whole anti bullying campaign by WWE is pure hypocrisy because they are constantly bullying JR every chance they get! Also if you say it’s JR’s choice, yeah it is because he prObably needs the money and in this tough days of

      Our economy you gotto do what you gotto do!

      • @RatedMKD

        Regardless of whether or not Cole was instructed to say that specific remark, it is the type of remark that he's been instructed to say in the past. It might've been a case that he's almost been conditioned to respond with a crack at J.R. at any opportunity, but I think it's more likely that he was simply taking initiative and saying something that he assumed Vince would approve of.

        • MonsterMike42

          And sadly, Vinnie probably just smiled and nodded, happy his little puppet could continue on in his absence.

  • XKonn247

    This from a company that allegedly fired Chris Kanyon on the basis of homosexuality? The hypocrisy on display is rediculous but the main stream media will think it’s fantastic as they don’t watch the product unless steroids might he involved.

    I can understand why WWE started the BA* campaign but as has been states they have to change the Cole persona. Heel King was never this damn bad.

    • Ruck

      And dont forget about Orlando Jordan! As much as I don’t care about him, he was fired for being bi. Sure they will say it’s because they had nothing for him but we all know it’s bull! I don’t condomne homosexuality but I DESPISE HYPOCRISY! and WWE is being soooo hypocritical right now it’s not even funny!

  • Andy S

    This sort of thing is really starting to wind me up, if I’m honest. Not so much the hypocrisy of releasing videos against bullying when portraying bullying on the show, but rather the fact that the WWE has to dilute its product at all in order to fit in with the political correctness attitude.

    We had the Hogan era, the circus era, attitude era, and so on, and now we have the piss and moan era.

    Seriously, it sucks. I don’t watch pro wrestling to be lectured at about social issues. My partner is a social worker, she’s got a masters’ degree in that which includes education in psychology and psychiatry and pedagogics and therapy and counselling and all sorts of other stuff, she used to work at a LGBT counselling centre in Vienna, worked last at a specialist women’s aid place where she developed a course targeting female perpetrators of domestic violence which existed nowhere else in the UK, will now be working for Vienna family court, so I know about this stuff, I understand about this stuff, and I deeply sympathise with all these issues in real life (stating this so I don’t get flamed for being ignorant) but thie thing is that the WWE IS NOT REAL LIFE!

    When I turn on the TV it’s because I want to be entertained in a manner of my choosing, which in this case is watching athletic competition derived from a combat sport basis incorporating elements of dramatic entertainment and story telling. I don’t watch to hear about gay rights or teen bullying or transgender issues or whether we should vote or not (I’m UK, not USA, FYI). I get enough of that in real life. It detracts from the quality of the product, which at its heart derives from conflict. Say what you want, but the more the WWE panders to this special interest/social awareness crap the more the quality of its product deteriorates to the point where the true die-hard fans who have stuck with the product through good times and bad, like myself, are seriously losing interest in the product to the point where I’m prepared to walk away from every ounce of emotional investment I have in the product.

    I’m 32, and I’ve been watching pro wrestling in one form or another for about, well, probably 32 years, since my parents are fans and their parents were, so that’s a lot of investment, but between the WWE’s new social awareness policies and its refusal to allow performers to perform certain moves for fear of injury I’m starting to feel that it’s all been a giant waste of time.

    Sorry for this. I know I’m ranting, but I had to say it.

  • Judy Bagwell

    WWE has a very understanding atmosphere for gays and transgenders… No bullying here. Ugh, what a horrible company.

  • Mrpopandlock

    Don’t u guys get it. It’s all acting. And everyone boos the bully on the wwe. Especially Michael cole and they all eventually get what is coming to them. Wwe programming does not promote bullying. Just the opposite. Besides what do u guys want. I hate Michael Cole as much as the next man or woman but that’s the point, we are meant to by design. That’s why he still announces because we react the way we do to him. Wresting does not work without a bad guy. Remember guys it’s all acting. Be a star is about real life where there is no super Cena to take the bullies down

    • Matt Scott

      Who cares its about acting? Kids are very easilly led so if they see Michael Cole calling JR fat as "cool" they'll do it too!

      • Mrpopandlock

        But no one does think cole is cool that’s the point. Everyone thinks cole is an ass.

      • Mrpopandlock

        Every story has a villain. Pan had hook. Batman has the joker. Luke had darth vader. Wwe has Michael Cole. He does not get rewarded for his tv behaviour. He loses a slammy get beaten by jerry lawler and made to kiss his feet. Eventually he gets what he deserves. Not to mention being boo’d out of the arena. So he is not being promoted as cool in the slightest. Just the opposite.

  • H.M.

    What about those with health related issues/diseases and so forth? *cough*Cole*cough*

  • ABNo4

    Remember kids, bullying and discrimination isn't cool…unless you're Michael Cole.

    There's a part of me that is really hoping Cole blurts out something terribly, terribly offensive on the air one of these days, something so bad that the PR nightmare forces Vince to reconsider his infatuation with Cole's work and remove him from the announce table. If fan disgust with Cole's contributions to the product won't do it, maybe bad press will.

  • jonathon212

    wwe are so hypocritical . they could make fun of jim ross, lilian garcia, mickie james and others but then put out all these anti bullying vidoes. just makes no sense to me

    • evan

      so tna’s antibullying program is better right jonathon…. if wwe’s anti bullying program is so bad then explain to me why would tna let jeff hardy appear on a tv show to promote their anti-bullying program but then he goes on and perform at a very bad ppv against a legend all drugged out and out of it! imo tna is the ones that are hypocritical not wwe and imo you guys need to chill out with all this wwe hate!

      • Hello

        No one said anything about TNA and their anti-bullying campaign. Hell I didn’t even know they had one. And were talking about bullying not drug use!

        • Prprince

          Good point about price is right but if the price is right had a orgy with cats and dogs we would see how messed up it is and be aware. Wwe has their antibully campaign with their bully Cole. Notice that the bully always gets his. I think kids watch wwe more than the price is right and I think they get the message which is stand up to bullies.

      • jonathon212

        huh? what does hardy appearing drugged up have to do with bullying???? anyways why are you bringing tna into this for ? one has nothing to do with the other, just stay on topic about wwe although your post makes no sense.

  • The Breaker

    "But Mathews, the kid is a total nerd. He doesn't watch TV, or eat meat. He'll never be anything but a hypocrite and a total loser."

    Between the nonsensical rants about Daniel Bryan and awful segments making a fool out of Jim Ross, this Cole thing is reaching the breaking point.

  • jdl

    Holy crap, iroooooonic.

  • James

    I think the idea of WWE doing these anti-bullying videos are wonderful. But the problem I and so many people have here is WWE are bullies. They bully people in the locker room, they bully other companies who try to run a program, and messages like "don't bully gays" well the faces of the companies make fun of them all the time. I can't tell you how many times they say something when they make fun of someone for a gay thing then say "there is nothing wrong with that." Well why say it to begin with, if there is nothing wrong with it. With the weeks leading up to WM27, earlier this year, John Cena made gay joke to the Rock by asking him to blow him, not to mention how many other times "the face of the company" makes gay jokes on television. Or how Michael Cole tweeted that Josh Matthews was a Faggot. Or perhaps with Rico or Golddust and how straight wrestlers get grossed out by their gay actions. WWE is a hypocrite, and needs to stop being the bully here.

  • thatguy

    kids are sad and weak nowadays. they need to grow a damn backbone

  • ram

    Less than 2% of Americans claim to be homosexual. Homosexuality is a sin, however it is their right to live the way they choose. The real bully has been those forcing others to except immorality as moral, and of God. I have friends I've grown up with, had as a room-mate, went to school with and are relatives. I have told them I love them and care for them, but will not except homosexuality as from God or normal. I have stepped in when others tried to cause them harm, and would do it again. They asked me why I would protect them, yet tell them homosexuality is a sin. My answer of handing them a Bible, with many versus listed, including the fact the Bible points out many will turn from homosexuality back to God. They could see, I didn't say it with anger and I didn't say it to hurt them. I said it because I love them and want them to see the path they are on. Much like a friend who committed adultery, I told them I would have no part of their sin. I also pointed out my sins are just as bad, in the eyes of God, and I am not perfect, but much like a man who goes to church with his family…and lets everyone know he is having an affair, when his girlfriend joins his family, the same is in my eyes when a homosexual couple goes to church, mocking the Bible with that lifestyle too. I also prayed for them and with them. Since WWE is on this path, I can no longer watch it either. I wish them well, but I will not participate in excepting justifying immorality.

    • Matt Scott

      Sorry man. But you are a a damn fool. First of all it's AT LEAST 10%! Secondly, murder is a sin. Rape is a sin. Theft is a sin. Homosexuality is a life choice! It is not a sin because you beleive it to be! It really pisses me off when people try to justify homophobia with a book! The ancient Greeks used to practice homosexuality and they predate the Bible. This may sound very very ignorant but I'd rather have a conversation with a homosexual than a religious nut. I don't want to bash but some of the things that thet Bible lists disgust me. It's 2011. If you can't accept homosexuality you really need to look in a mirror and ask yourself what kind of messed up ass human being you are.