WWE Releases Statement Regarding Dish Not Carrying Elimination Chamber

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WWE released the following statement regarding Dish Network not carrying Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view:

All WWE cable and satellite partners are providing WWE Elimination Chamber this Sunday with the exception of DISH.

If you are a DISH customer, you can purchase WWE Elimination Chamber online at http://WWE.com/PPV. Click here for more info on How To Watch: http://wwe.me/tNQ4j

We’re hopeful that DISH will re-consider carrying WWE Elimination Chamber and other PPV events in the future, especially WWE WrestleMania XXX.

Earlier this week, a representative from Dish Network falsely claimed that the pay-per-view would be available on their network.

DirecTV and other providers are expected to carry the pay-per-view at this time. Click here for more information.

  • AJ

    Anyone know why dish won’t have the elimination chamber on their network? Sounds very weird to me..

    • jdl

      I vaguely recall a few PPV companies being pissed off about the WWE Network carrying the PPVs on them. I would wager that is why they decided not to carry it.

      • Mysterion

        Agreed. However it heels like atrocious customer device to discontinue the service with no warning to consumers then blame the company providing the PPV instead of simply stating “we felt we were being undercut entirely by the WWE and their move to supply all future PPVs for a mere $9.99 a month”.

  • Judas

    I kind of wish they would have “future endeavor’d” Dish Network on wwe.com. That would have been hilarious.

  • Scott Davies

    So Dish is blowing thousands of dollars they could be making from the profit from this PPV?

  • Michael Torres

    I guess they are trying to blow off wwe because they think elimination chamber is too violent. What a bunch of crap!if it were not violent, people would not watch it.that is why I like wwe.