WWE Remembers Paul Bearer In Retrospective Video

WWE has released a video commemorating the life and career of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer. The video features new and old clips of Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, Jerry Lawler, Gene Okerlund, Hornswoggle, Josh Mathews, Dolph Ziggler, & Kofi Kingston, who discuss Bearer's career. The video is embedded below:

  • Awesome video, very symbolic what Undertaker says at the end

    • lee

      I agree they will probably play this on Raw when the Undertaker comes out

  • Johnny C

    Hope Taker pays tribute Monday. He wouldn’t need to break kayfabe even.

  • Patrick

    A well done Tribute.

  • Lrgetrout9

    A great video for a great man.

  • StunnerUk

    Does anyone know who the music is from that video?

    • Dustyn

      I was wondering what it was as well, and I found out. It is called “Get In The Game” by “Cody Martin.”

  • very well done, sad to see such a great person pass

  • bearone7777

    Another “GREAT-ONE” that is about the same age as I am leaving. The old school guard is leaving way too soon!!!!