WWE Resets With John Cena, AJ Lee & A New Intercontinental Champion

With no offseason and very little downtime, there are times when WWE must reset. A concept similar to when a playing a video game, the company simply alters course by changing title holders. Last week the company pushed the reset button heading into the summer months and it started just over a week ago. Let's recap and look at the new direction.

John Cena is WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture has been in flux since Daniel Bryan's lone defense against Kane at Extreme Rules in May. Once it was learned Bryan needed neck surgery, WWE was reluctant to have him drop the belt in an effort to keep his momentum from Wrestlemania XXX going. There was a possibility he would be able to return at Money in the Bank last month, however, his recovery didn't go as planned.

When Daniel Bryan was deemed unfit for Money in the Bank, he was officially stripped of the title and a ladder match to crown a new champion at the pay-per-view was announced. WWE tried to keep optimism alive in the weeks that preceded the announcement, even putting the legitimate plan into storyline in hopes of keeping fans engaged.

Bryan eventually delivered the sobering truth at the pay-per-view itself, clarifying he's still without a timetable and could require a second surgery because he has yet to regain the strength in his arm.

With Bryan out and without a return, Cena went on to win the title later in the night at Money in the Bank. The reign is Cena's 15th world title reign and by all accounts, he'll defend it against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in August. However, WWE has already announced a title match with Cena defending at Battleground this month.

AJ Lee is back and once again Divas Champion. WWE's longest-reigning Divas Champion returned to the company after a near three-month hiatus and reclaimed the title by beating Paige on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. This was hardly a surprise as AJ Lee was held in high regard her entire time off and Paige continued to lose support. WWE used AJ's time off to evaluate the Divas and it didn't go well. From what I was told, AJ Lee's stock only increased as Vince McMahon continues to view her as the face of the Divas division. Paige was heavily critiqued for her work on last week's Raw, however, she does not have backstage heat because of it.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship is vacated. After suffering a shoulder injury a couple weeks ago, it was learned Wade Barrett needed surgery. As a result, he's out a "number of months" and WWE is without an Intercontinental Champion. The company will crown a new Intercontinental Champion at Battleground in a battle royal featuring Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Ryback, The Great Khali and a participant to be named.

Now we circle back into Monday Night Raw as the company has a couple of weeks to build their next pay-per-view. You can read the plans for SummerSlam headed into last weekend before previewing this week's Raw.

What do you think of WWE's summer reset? Feel free to discuss your opinion in the comments area below.

  • Jaryd

    If those Punk chants continue every time AJ is in the ring I’m going to have to skip her segments even though I think both her and Paige are awesome. The crowds are fast becoming the biggest heels on the show to me.

    • GOR

      Ever head of a MUTE button on TV/remote controller ?

      • Jaryd

        Ummmm…then I wouldn’t hear the promo at all and there’d be no point watching it anyway?

  • Ray

    This is less news and more storyline recap – just saying

  • K!NG

    WWE didn’t really have a choice but to put the belt back on Cena with DB injured it created the opportunity for them to get the belt on Cena to be able to face Lesnar at summerslam without DB loosing a match(sadly because of injured neck ). As far as the divas division and title the WWE needs to take the AJ and Page feud to the next level these two girls can make the title as valuable as the women’s title was from 99 to 06 if the feud is done right. it has always been my belief one person doesn’t make a championship valuable it is the feud surrounding the title that does.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m sorry, did you just say the Women’s title was valuable in 99? When it was hot-potatoed between such illustrious wrestlers like Sable, Debra, Miss Kitty and Stephanie McMahon?

      • K!NG

        the title was defended at WM15 and in the Main event of raw with stephanie mcmahon as champion. that is also when the title came back to wwe and they actually gave the divas good storylines and decent tv time. plus u r forgetting good divas such as tori, ivory, jacqueline and chyna obviously u forgot about them.

  • Jayden

    Who has the most potential to win the IC title? The fact these titles have become relevant again is a good sign first off. Of the names listed I see rvd, kofi, and dolph and Curtis (all former champs in there own right) with them being one of the more likely. I think fandango should be In the match in my honest opinion and have him go over. The mans a great worker. Started with a great storyline fued with Chris Jericho. And is shown to work. I don’t see ryback ADR or Bo Dallas winning at all. Kahli is on the fence as he is a good worker for his size and it would be interesting to see what he could do as well as get him more tv time. Cesaro personally I feel should be in the main event picture but if he wins it would make 2 European champs In a row and I don’t think we have seen that. At least not for a while. So personally of the names id say

    • Jayden

      Dolph kofi or rvd

    • K!NG

      the 3 guys i see winning barring a surprise entrant are ADR, RVD and Cesaro.

      • Jayden

        I don’t see ADR winning at all. He is the least talented of the bunch

        • K!NG

          you gotta use wwe logic sometimes… sadly

    • Ricky

      I see either Bo Dallas or Cesaro winning it. With Heyman in his corner Cesaro would be great as IC Champion with Heyman there to remind us that back in the day, the Intercontinental Champion meant you where number one contender to the WWE title.

  • GOR

    Sure, give Paige no time on the mic & still expect people to identify with her, like her. Sure !
    Actually that applies to all the divas except AJ.

    • Bob’s Diner

      If last week was any indication, there is a good reason they don’t give her time on the mic…

  • Chris B

    WWE needs to really look at why AJ has succeed so well compared to their other Divas. Placed within storylines on raw/smackdown and PPV and built up outside the ring becoming meek to crazy girlfriend, Raw GM and too crazy for Kane. Given time to get her ring work ready, when she step back between the ropes she was the crazy woman that was just great to watch. She was comfortable in the ring and on the mic and her pipebomb at the total divas pushed her to the top.

    She has the talent but so do a number of the women working for wwe so why has she succeeded where others have failed, was it because of her build and storylines, was it because she was working with the top guys in the company. I’m not sure there is one set answer but its something than really needs to be thought about less AJ become the diva division all on her own.

  • tonyhost

    If you still have no idea what this
    means, don’t worry about it, because you can always…