WWE Responds To Alberto Del Rio "Bullying" Complaint - Says He & Ricardo Rodriguez Were Portraying Their Characters

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WWE issued the following statement in response to a mother's complaint that Alberto Del Rio "bullied" her son at a weekend live event in Anaheim:

"While Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were portraying their WWE characters, we sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred."

  • justin_schroeder

    This is exactly why the WWE shouldn’t have an anti-bullying campaign. Although it is a good cause and their intentions are good, too many people take what wrestlers say and do the wrong way.

  • Patrick Peralta

    good idea WWE you don't need a lawsuit. on top of one you all already have.

  • Paul

    Why are they apologising? I hate del rio’s character and work but I don’t see what he has done wrong on this situation.

  • rkoturner11

    People are ridiculous after ripping the sign he should of put the mother in the armbar grow up lady

    • mathew30

      you are actually saying grow up lady after saying all that?

      • Joe

        Yeah he is, why wouldn’t he he’s right she does need to grow up and you need to stop being so condescending and stop looking for arguments

  • Hitman310

    Those 2 are jerks, especially alberto. I met him during summerslamm and he was a jerk and acted like he was above everyone.

    • Nostaljack

      Of course they did. They were *working*…

    • SRP

      You mean a heel was behaving like a heel? Crazy.

    • Sean Weatherly

      "Its still real to me, dammit!!"

      • Tyler


    • Joe

      That’s his job….

    • GODSENT83

      He was probably in character

  • Matthew

    Wow to many people take it to seriously, if you can’t enjoy entertainment don’t watch it!

  • Ellen

    Destiny – I tell you – Destiny!

  • He was acting above everyone because he was in character. Damn.

  • Bishop

    The message is good, but the company contradicts itself. It didn’t help having Miz berate Larry King on Raw.

  • WorldInMotion

    How is it not illegal to take somebody’s property and to destroy it? I’d sue his ass if he had the audacity to do that to my sign.

    • ericdraven86

      No you wouldn't. Signs cost a few bucks is all. No court would take that case….

      Also, it is people with your same mentality that has turned our court system into an absolute joke….

      Finally, Del Rio was working. As stated numerous times above, he is a "bad guy". He is not supposed to go out and shake people's hands. His job is to antagonize people and make them so angry they HAVE to see him get his behind whipped.

  • Msu93

    Daniel Bryan would rip YES signs on Raw and no one would complain. Even though they were probably plants anyway.

  • Alberto del rio

    I don’t need to apoligize to that babosa nor does wwe Es un estupida she paid to see me…it’s my destiny to be a cabron and the world champion

    • Dolph

      Hey del rio you suck big monkey balls hope you botch a dangerous move and have to retire

  • I'm a parent of a 6 year old who's a HUGE wrestling fan and if a wrestler did that to my child's sign, I would be equally pissed off. These are CHILDREN who may not fully understand that the wrestler is merely "working". Between this incident and the CM Punk incident, WWE needs to just give up on the anti-bullying crap. They're hypocrites.

    • ericdraven86

      One could argue it is your job as a parent to explain that to them. If your child doesn’t understand that, or you don’t wanna explain it then wait until they are older before taking them. Simple solution.

  • Summer

    Why would Alberto do that to a poor child? Sheamus could’ve save him that time but I still love Sheamus. Alberto SUCKS!! WWE why are you apologizing to Shelly and her son? WWE should FORCE Alberto to apologize. Del Rio also sucks cause he is heel.


    wow. you see what the PG era has brought us to. “waaaah!! the bad guy was mean to meee!!! i’m tellin my mooooom!!” it’s… all…. a… show…. bad guys act bad, good guys kiss up to the fans. it ‘s been this way for years and years and years. but most fans these days dont know that wrestling existed before 2008. sad….. but true. (obviously MOST who read this site understand, but you get what i mean)

  • PhilT81

    It’s not just children that don’t understand it’s a show. The idiots that attacked CM Punk were obviously too stupid to realise that he is playing the part of a heel. Do they go around attacking actors who play the roles of bad guys in films? I think WWE need to put some fine print on every ticket they sell – outlining the rights and responsibilities of fans and what to expect during shows.

    At the same time, I think it’s an error of judgement to take a sign off of a small child.