WWE Return Date To China, Alberto Del Rio Update, Congratulations Ted DiBiase

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- WWE will return to China with a Smackdown live event from the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China on Saturday, August 11, 2012. Alberto Del Rio was recently in the country, promoting the show for WWE.

- The following is from the official Twitter account of Ted DiBiase:

  • Kleck

    Congratulations Ted! A healthy boy! Speaking of babies, Richard, how is your wife coming along? Almost time?

    • Richard Gray

      My wife is due June 8th although she's full-term on Friday. Ticking time bomb! Thanks for asking, we're looking forward to it.

      • Logan_Walker

        have you thought of a name yet ?

        • Richard Gray


          • Fernando

            In honor of Mason Ryan? LOL

      • mohamed thameem

        Hi richard iam frm india……….i always like ur session of discussion

  • jon


  • the ox

    Congratulations ted maybe a 3rd generation superstar of the future

  • kok

    Congratulations ted dibiase hope it works out

  • Moose666

    Ok, I just worked a 15 hour shift and I am very tired. That being said, I read the headline as "Chynna's return date to WWE" and nearly choked drinking some water. Maybe someone can relate.

  • Taylor

    I love Cody Rhodes so much he is my favorite wresler and so is john cena