WWE Returning To Russia, Ricardo Rodriguez's Ridiculous Bump, What You Didn't See On Raw Supershow

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- WWE will return to Russia next April. The company has announced a house show from the Luzhniki Small Sports Arena on April 11, 2012.

- A lot of people backstage at last night's WWE Raw Supershow were raving about Ricardo Rodriguez's bump from WWE TLC. For the record, it was one of the most insane spots of the year.

- John Cena beat Kane via disqualification in a dark match main event following last night's WWE Raw Supershow. Kane drew the DQ when he used a chair.

  • Jamie

    I have much respect for Ricardo for taking that bump.

  • ricardo navarro

    this kid have tremendes talented don't worry about that bump

    • XKonn247


      • jdl

        I think he's trying to say that Ricardo has tremendous talent, and that he was fully capable of taking that bump. Or at least that's my assumption.

      • Andrew

        He said "this kid have tremendes talented don't worry about that bump."

        Pretty clear to me.

        • sean atkins

          hey its still better than booker t's commentary.

          • vmagic

            Somebody should have put Cole through some tables.

        • XKonn247

          That’s just made me laugh pretty hard lol

  • Bobby

    Ricardo is a trained pro wrestler. If he was just a manager with no training, he would never take that bump. I wish I could’ve saw it!

  • Dangerous Lee

    That was a nice spot, buts it’s been done so many times. Off top, I can recall taker doing that spot in 08 and that looked way more spectacular. Most insane spot of the year? Maybe. But it doesn’t take much for a spot to be considered “insane” in the wwe nowadays…

  • Sebastian

    Spike Dudley giving Christian the Dudley Dog through a table on the outside at WrestleMania X-Seven …Epic Spot!

  • Arav

    yeap, it was basically the undertaker spot from a few years back. but that doesnt make it any less awesome

  • prey

    Hell in a cell match-mankind vs undertaker

  • panos

    i respect rodriguez a lot about that fall…