WWE Reveals Hornswoggle As The Anonymous Raw General Manager

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WWE announced on this week's Raw Supershow the identity of the Anonymous Raw General Manager was Hornswoggle.

  • Demolition

    Waiting for someone to prove this illogical….go!

  • Christopher Kreuzer

    As the Miz would say: really? really? really?

    • Anand

      Would've loved for the Miz to return and do the "really?" thing.

      Do they want us to believe that Hornswoggle was that super powerful heel anonymous raw GM? C'mon Creative, what do you guys think we fans are?

    • Adam

      I can’t wait 4 miz to come back!

  • Matt

    All the time I thought it was some legend

  • Robbie

    The writers have reached a new low. That was pure BS!

    • Anand

      BS could be an understatement here 🙂

  • What the hell was creative up to writing this whole Raw. I get that they change the script a lot… but… what the hell is this?

  • Dean

    Oddly enough, Hornswoggle as the anonymous GM is probably one of the few choices that could bring a sliver of redemptive closure to an otherwise terrible storyline.

    • Logan_Walker

      it Would Explain A lot of things

  • Philip

    Didn’t think there could be anything worse than the anonymous gm. I was proven wrong when it was revealed to be hornswoggle.

  • bcrescen

    Well…. At least we are getting No Holds Barred on DVD.

  • Lewis

    I'd love to get your opinion on this Richard, as I personally think I would have rather them never tell us who it was then half arse it picking Hornswoggle.

    • Anand

      I Agree with Lewis. I too would have preferred to "Not Know" who this anonymous raw GM was instead of finding out it was hornswoggle…

      • H.M.

        Funny. Prior to this most fans were intent on knowing who it was constantly whining about how they were 'tired' of WWE dragging out the Anon GM thing and not revealing his true identity.

        • Anand

          The fact is, yes I was eager but it would've been better if they thought out the anonymous GM revelation thing. Do they expect us to believe that hornswoggle was so smart and devious to make Cenas life miserable with nexus? Or for that matter any other GM decision 🙂

  • Code

    Wow that is soo bogus..what a cop out

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Um, totally turned the TV off when that happened. I am so disappointed in WWE.

    • Chris

      Well, that was what ended the show so turning it off doesn't seem like an unwarranted reaction, no?

      • The punk and db match actually ended the show. I turned it off after the hornswoggle crap too. I had work the next day and would rather sleep than sit through 10 more minutes of embarrassment.

  • Ggg

    Face palm

  • WWEFan


  • Lucas Lockie

    what a cheap cop out

  • Lucas Lockie

    What a cheap cop out i threw up a lil in my mouth

  • Aldin94

    Haha and some people still “Bash” TNA?!?

    • Tristeza

      It's still nothing compared to 99.9% what what TNA calls "programming"

      • Um no. Impact has been a very good show as of late. If you think last nights raw was better than TNA, you must be a child, or like most people who bash TNA, don’t even watch it…..

  • Josh

    I am so not watching WWE from now on……this is too much !!

  • The Breaker

    As soon as Santino said the Anonymous RAW GM was under the ring, I couldn't help but facepalm.

  • stoney

    whoever thought of this and the Natalya flatulence storyline should be fired

    • kingjamsie

      you can't fire vince

      • stoney

        i know but someone on the creative team should be fired, Vince approves everything

  • Chris

    I lost my appetite watching that segment..

  • Hornswoggle

    Growing up I had so much memories from raw now very rarely does anything stand out. I think its funny wwe puts those memorable moment from 10 yrs ago n it's better then wat they show now

    • Razmos01

      Because back then they could pretty much do what they wanted

  • CM_Ste

    Shocking, it’s getting worse every week.

  • Kai

    Am I right I saying bug johnny would of been a better call?! He was always texting before his official appointment

  • Kai

    Am I right I saying big johnny would of been a better call?! He was always texting before his official appointment

  • Razmos01

    Its funny how all the haters and smarks complained about the anomynous raw gm, now wwe has closed off the story by revealing hornswoggle and instead of being happy to see the back of what they moaned about………they moan some more!!!!! Theres just no pleasing some people

    • WNW FAN

      I agree. Some people just love to complain…sad. Honestly I think making Hornswoggle the anonymous GM was a comical way to blow it off but who cares who they "revealed" it to be. I'm just glad we don't have to see that stupid computer anymore! I like watching Raw but that computer gimmick was the absolute stupidest thing in my opinion WWE has every done.

      • Howard Stern

        Even Khali would have been funnier and more entertaining.

  • Mazin

    Instead Of Waisting His Time Wit The 1 Man 3 Months From Being Future Endevored Band If They Said Backlund Was The GM That Woulda Been Classic But Like Always When All Else Fails Have It Be Hornswaggle Like They Did Wit The Vince McMahon Son Angle

  • nWo 4 Life

    Damn… Thought it was the boogeyman

    • Callum


  • havoc525

    People bitch and moan because they HATE the gimmick, they find a way to kill the gimmick, people bitch and moan. It killed the most absurd gimmick ever people, get over it already. At least they didn’t pull a “DX” and have him go under the ring to some mystical locker room area.

  • Howard Stern

    Pathetic is the word we are looking for to describe WWE

  • Ken

    At first I was laughing, but not I feel like I got a GIANT MIDDLE FINGER from WWE. Horny as the Anonymous GM just screams EPIC FAIL.

  • DoJo

    It reminds me of when Rikishi was unveiled as the person who ran over Austin LoL To be fair I think they only done it cos of the run up to 1000 to bring closure………. Still a poo choice though………. Would have been good if the person unveiled was Bob Backland……….. His ‘I ran for Presidency’ could have been a great gimmick LooooooooL

  • thebops

    I actually popped when I heard the ringtone. (I didn’t have a major issue with the Annonomous Raw GM). And I knew with the Santino angle, we’d find out who it was last night (which I thought was a mistake). The entire story turned out to be a waste when we found out it was Hornswoggle.

  • sal

    horrible is all i can say

  • _JIM_

    Are their writers even trying anymore? That was such a cheap way to answer a question that’s never been answered. I’m really kind of disappointed, and think we would’ve been better off if they would’ve just kept not mentioning it

  • Howard Stern

    Does Hornswoggle lay under the ring for an hour and a half every time they use him? Or does he blatantly run down and hide there during commercial in front of the audience? And wasn't there a point in time when Swoggle didn't know any English while the anonymous RAW GM was first introduced? I love trying to break down the crazy story lines WWE jams down our throats, nothing adds up anymore.

  • Blake

    The worst part is they made a small deal out of it the general manager has made everyone’s life terrible.

  • Zach folsom

    Hate me if you want, But i want John laurinitis back. People power was so much better than this crap.

  • Wwe4L76

    This sucked… WWE, wtf?!?! Get you head out of your asses!

  • H.M.

    Am I the ONLY one who really didn't care if it was Hornswoggle? I'm just glad that we won't have to go back to that stupid angle again. And I do hope that WWE releases Hornswoggle. Dude really add's nothing to the show. We have Santino for comedy which I think is enough.

  • Joe

    Same usual douchebags saying how pathetic wwe is becoming because of one bad show, cop yourselves on

  • Kevin

    Actually, Hornswaggle being the Anonymous GM makes perfect sense. During that time, Hornswaggle didn't talk; the Anonymous GM was constantly sending texts and emails to announce his desires, something Hornswoggle would have had to do had he come out as the GM. Remember also that during that time the NEXUS was running rampant and beating up anybody who got in their way, including GM's. Putting a touch of reality into this, if Hornswoggle had actually been approached to be GM during a time like that, he would have wanted to stay anonymous so that the NEXUS wouldn't be able to beat him. Now, having said all that, I must ask but one question: WHY DID THE WWE FEEL THE NEED TO REVEAL WHO THE ANONYMOUS GM WAS SO LONG AFTER THE SUDDEN DEMISE OF THE CHARACTER?

  • AntGilroy


  • kel man

    It’s really not that serious people. It’s not like you paid money to watch raw