WWE Roster Change On This Week's Smackdown (Spoiler)

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Teddy Long announced on this week's Smackdown that Brodus Clay is now a permanent member of the Smackdown roster.

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  • What is the point of this? The Brand extension is pretty much gone anyway. The only reason I can see is to use it as a reason for Clay not seeking revenge on Big Show. That way WWE don't need to have either man lose and can both look strong by keeping them apart?

    The WWE rug must be bulging with all these storylines they keep sweeping under it.

    • Guy Landau

      While they're at it they should announce Big Show is on RAW – he was a Smackdown star before he was "fired".

  • Moose666

    It appears WWE's philosophy regarding past storylines is they fall into a black hole of fans' memory. It's one thing to contradict a storyline from several years or a couple decades ago, but to contradict them from months ago is simply a slap in the fans' collective faces.

    • andy

      like the fact it took 5 months of jericho being back before they mentioned it was orton took him out with a punt, they just jumped straight into the “best in the world” bit with punk

  • H.M.

    The switches between brands have gotten really messy. Kane was on Raw when he returned but then feuded with Randy Orton on SD! only to be inserted in the WWE title picture back over on Raw. Daniel Bryan was and probably still IS an SD! superstar in the WWE title picture on Raw. Big Show's probably the strangest case ever. At the rate he switches brands I don't even know WHERE he's technically at now. The only surefire Superstar that we can say with certainty is a 'Raw' superstar is Cena.