WWE Rumored To Be Interested In The Hardys, TNA Contracts Up In Feb.

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The TNA contracts of Matt and Jeff Hardy are coming up again next month and it’s once again rumored that WWE has interest in both of them.

This isn’t the first time we’ve noted this and this isn’t the first year since the Hardys have been with TNA on the verge of becoming free agents that there has been WWE interest. It’s almost like the rumors of Shelton Benjamin and Carlito being in the Royal Rumble, they just never go away.

As is the case with everyone under contract with a competitor, WWE cannot negotiate directly with anyone until they are not under another contract. Jeff Hardy commented years back that he would like to finish his career with WWE but a lot has changed since he said that.

Matt Hardy is someone who WWE had always had tepid interest in at best who has really increased his stock with the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. Matt is seen as one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business right now and has gotten over in a lot of circles for reinventing himself at age 42.

Historically, Jeff has been considered the bigger star of the Hardy brothers but an argument can certainly be made that outside of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, no one has seen their stock increase as much as Matt Hardy in 2016.


  • Matt is undeniably the star here. Jeff is the second banana for sure. I love that he also has Reby and Maxel in on this too. Not sure how that’d work if BROKEN BRILLIANCE heads to WWE. I’d love to see them try it, though. What they’ve been doing has been UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL but few see it because TNA is on a network that about 15 people can actually access. They’re wasting their talents in TNA. Now that Jarrett is involved again, they’d do well to get out of there before their product begins to suck again.