WWE Saturday Morning Slam Matches Bar Moves Or Holds Aimed At The Neck

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam premiered Saturday morning on the CW Network. Matches taped for the show feature a no-contact rule to the head/neck region, making bouts appropriate for children. WWE highlighted the rule in information sent out to cable and satellite provides:

"Tag-team champion Kofi Kingston is in action in the premiere of this pro-wrestling series intended for children. WWE stars are profiled and community initiatives are highlighted, while featured matches bar any moves or holds aimed at the neck."

  • Your Favorite Heel

    Funny, because Kofi went for the TIP, but he "missed" Slater. Now I know why!

  • HazMatt23

    So Randy can never do his chin-lock REST HOLD OF DOOM?!

  • British bulldog

    Soon wrestling will be barred from all wwe programming, just name calling, thumb wars and a game of snakes and ladders to determine winners and losers, and even then there are no winners, as it’s the taking part that counts!!

    I know it’s a Saturday a.m kids show, but this says so much about WWE as a whole!

    • Paul

      It would be great of they did saturday morning slam for kids, raw for everyone and then made smackdown like a darker programme with blood, swearing and just general “attitude” elements

  • Patrick Peralta

    " while featured matches bar any moves or holds aimed at the neck.”

    Man how times have changed. Baring any moves or holds to the neck area or any type move was never a issue when I started watching wrestling in the 80's…..Yeah I know kids today tend to copy wrestling holds and moves….which ends up in a tragedy…..

    it's not just wrestling…. but same thing when parents would get bent out of shape with TV shows or movies. saying kids would copy that.

    I'm in the minority who was smart enough to know not to do such things that could cause harm to others. and growing up I never copied a dangerous thing I saw on TV show or a movie. I knew better…

    • Rick

      It isn't just wrestling, but wrestling is closer to 'real life' in a kids mind than a movie is. I had a friend in school that didn't care what happened in movies, but if it happened inside a wrestling ring, he was going to try it. He and some other friends had their own little 'hardcore' wrestling thing going on, using chain-link fences, barbed wire when they could steal it, fire, etc. Because of that, I see nothing wrong with WWE tailoring the programming of a show that is marketed directly to children.

      • James M>>>

        Well said, agree


    while Stone Cold Steve Austin raises heck by giving everyone the Stone Cold Pat-On-The-Back, drinking O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer, and flipping everyone his trademark peace sign. Golly gee, I sure love watching WWE sports entertainment!

    • hurrigame

      Don’t forget CM People Pleaser finishing his opponent off with the Go To Sears. WWE does need its sponsors, after all.

  • Guest

    It's pathetic. There's something wrong when there is more violence in animated KIDS shows such as Batman or Spongebob Squarepants, than there is in WRESTLING shows. This WWE-kid gimmick is ruining WWE. Good thing I got plenty of old WWE DVDs to watch again and again.

    • British bulldog

      I’m going through all the episodes and PPVs of all WWF programming, starting 15/12/97, gonna take me a loooooong ol’ time!! 2 raws away from WM14 now, good times!!

      • ChrisH

        We rewatched all of raw from January 1997 up to December 2001, and all of Smackdown when that started. People let nostalgia run wild, some of that stuff was so cringe worthy we had to fast forward. And I’m amazed my parents let me watch it. Thank goodness there’s some WWE that I can happily show to my kids now.

  • Richy

    Kudos to WWE for this. As a father of a 7 year old that wrestles it is hard to teach him what is allowed in the wrestling he does as opposed to the headlocks allowed in the WWE

    • kevin

      Really, Really, I started watching wrestling when I was 3 I’m 37 now all you people and you know who you are need to get a grip

      • Razmos01

        37 and ripping off The Miz!!!!! Are you sure your not like 9 but tryna act 37? Are you Tom Hanks in BIG?

      • havoc525

        If you had the ability to comprehend what you read, you might understand. His son does REAL wrestling, where kicking, punching, and just about every WWE style head or neck move is illegal. His child also, apparently, watches WWE. This will be good in said situation because his child will get to watch WWE, and not have to be retaught what is allowed and what isn’t in amateur wrestling. Starting to wonder about letting my daughter watch anymore now, thanks a lot.

  • God help us…

  • Also, i liked how santino was still the u.s champ in this episode.

    • Your Favorite Heel

      Yeah, so I guess we traveled back in time?

  • Dave Barton

    But punching & kicking is still ok, right? This is such nonsense…no one spends 62 million of their own money to get a job that pays under $200k AND changes their entire business, without some ulterior motive.

    • Your Favorite Heel

      Funny, because there wasn't one punch or kick. NOT EVEN KOFI'S TIP!

  • havoc525

    Ummmm, ok then. That makes….sense….maybe…..somewhere…..

    • CrankyVince


  • Wwe4L76


  • WWE2706

    Wrestling is not the problem it’s parents not watching their kids

    • kevin

      I turned out fine because my mom and dad were there stated watching wrestling when I was 3 I’m 37 now I never killed anyone

      • ChrisH

        You said that once Kevin. Are you sure you’re fine, repeating yourself like that could be a sign something is up.

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Why didnt they just do a weekly show with jobbers like they did in the 90’s? Superstars or Wrestling Challenge where there would be interviews and actual angles for midcarders?

  • Tom lee

    So what now ??
    Kid show or what ??

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Wwe is a joke

  • KVB

    How can u teach kids violence in cartoons is not and and yet as much as you tell violence wrestling is fake they still act ot out?? Maybe parents should better learn how teach kids this is fake too because this is crappy product wwe is producing lol ya old wwe DVD will come in handy cause this kid friendly shows is so bad lol bring back attitude era now!!!

  • the cobra

    I can't believe people are complaining on this. How many people who visit this site will actually watch this show? It's attended for little kids.

    • Ken

      It's intended for kids, yes, but it'll gradually filter upwards to the mainstream programming.

    • British bulldog

      *intended, son

  • Yanman

    Welcome to the “No Attitude Whatsoever” era.

    • Ken

      No balls whatsoever, you mean.

  • Kai

    Poor vince…Linda has him by the balls, I really hope she doesn’t get the job! End this PG era already!

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe sucks. Glad we have TNA

  • Robert olley

    It’s because it’s a pg show designed for kids how many times have we read that a kids been injured copying a wrestling move even just a headlock. But most kids would have seen wrestling at some other point like raw do it will probably be banned from all program’s soon.

    Truth be told though I agree because when I was 11 I got piled riven by another lad at school and broke my neck so.

  • Ken

    Richard, a few weeks ago in the Ask WNW segment someone asked you what the WWE's worst mistake ever was. There was much discussion regarding your answer, especially from me.
    Scrap anything and everything that was said in that article. We have a winner right here.
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Wrestling News World Universe, welcome to the end of civilisation as we know it.

    This has to be the single most retarded, cabbaged thing I have ever seen the WWE do, and I've been watching for thirty years.
    I remember back in a certain period of WWF history that shallremain unnamed at this time, as we all know when I'm referring to and we all know what it was called and how superior the product was back then… anyway, there was a group of interfering, self-righteous, holier-than-thou busybodies called the Parents' Television Council who declared war on Vince and the WWE and everything they stood for.
    They whined and cried and protested and urged sponsors to boycott the WWE, and succeeded. Vince lost a few big sponsorship contracts as I recall, I forget the specifics.
    What did Vince do? He told the PTC to go eff themselves basically. Furthermore, he took all that self-righteous bull and wrapped it all up in a nice little package and created a stable called Right To Censor (RTC, see what he did there?) purely to mock them and their agenda.
    That there is why I hate Vince right now. For so long he fought against that sort of interference and watering down of his product, and he fought so successfully that they backed away and left him alone, and now he one-eighties and waters down his own product anyway. This specific situation is a perfect example, but we all know it's not the only one.

    I suppose he has the shareholders to think of these days.
    I stand corrected.
    Going public was the worst mistake the WWE ever made.

    The sad thing is, the really sad thing is, emotionally I'd love to do like some people do and say "That's it, I'm not watching WWE any more", but I know that would be a lie. I am going to still watch it, and I always will, even if it's simply through force of habit.

  • havoc525

    If the people posting their hate here are watching a wrestling show aimed at CHILDREN, there are bigger problems in their life than any of us can help with. I let my 2 year old watch Raw, the occasional Smackdown, and PPV’s with me. I’m not afraid she’ll try doing what she sees because I plan to be a good enough parent to teach her not to try it at home, and, well, the divas get maybe 2 minutes a show anyway. I don’t like the ban, but it IS a Kids show. I grew up watching, and emulating what I saw, with family, but my parents let me know early that you can’t do what they do, as hard as they do, or you’ll hurt yourself or someone else. Good parenting can work wonders.

  • StephenSnel23

    And you guys wonder why TNA isnt bigger than it is. WWE knows how to evolve with the times and TNA doesn’t. If TNA was PG then it too would be thriving. Being PG isn’t just for Linda’s campaign, it’s also to get mega sponsor deals. Do you think a very successful buisness would invest into something vulgar and that would give them bad press? Hell no, there’s no way K-Mart or Sonic would advertise themselves through a swearing, bloody wrestling show. So please, stop complaining about the “PG Era” because if it continues to bring the WWE major profits and stays away from bad press it’s not going anywhere.

    • Yanman

      I hate to agree with you but you are right. Profits, high stocks, and politics are the WWE’s main motivation these days. WWE’s motivation in the A******* Era was competition and defeating competition for the survival of their company. I think the McMahons got plain bored and other ambitions took over like Linda’s quest in politics and Shane’s quest in marketing and film. I’m not a big TNA fan but I believe supporting them and helping them become bigger by default will make WWE change their product a little to some sort of a balance besides going all “Candyland” on us. Remember, ratings (TV) = PPV buys = $Money$!!!