WWE Says "A Revolution Is Coming" In New Viral Marketing Campaign

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WWE has launched a new viral marketing campaign airing before official videos on dot com. The campaign states "A Revolution Is Coming" and picked up steam early this week. It airs at random before some videos.

For those that have asked, I haven't heard any details on the campaign and am just learning of its launch.

  • Diggler

    TNA is being bought

    • Fetcher

      Considering they've been promoting Rob Van Dam, Sting and Hogan on the dot com, it's an interesting idea. It sucks that's probably not the case though.

  • Dustyn

    Maybe it has something to do with them starting RAW 90 minutes early. Perhaps a new show?

    • dusty588

      Sorry, not starting RAW early, but starting the tapings on Monday 90 minutes early.

      • Day

        That's a revolution to you?

        • dusty588

          You never know what it could be!

      • Matt Scott

        And you know that how?

  • Keagan

    wwe network perhaps?

  • WNW Fan

    Yeah…it will be Impact. That's how they'll move to Monday's. LOL

  • nightmarephantom

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was for WWE network or something

  • Monty

    Hard to get exited when the vignettes for Jericho "end of the world as you know it" amounted to very little.

  • Silver

    I'm not sure what it is, but I'm 100% sure they will try to insult our intelligence once info gets leaked and they change details at the last minute in an attempt to make it look as if they had us fooled all along.

  • BIG M 91


  • Razmos

    A.W's new faction, or Batista returning and setting up Evolution as Revolition, i know it sucks but its Re evolution in one ha

  • TV-14

    batista did say he has an announcement to make doubt it will be him though

  • Kevin

    It could simply be the newest way to introduce a new talent. Social media is the in thing these days; putting that message online is the fastest way to get the word spread.

  • jake

    it could be kharma think about it guys

  • John

    It's Tna that's coming and its going to be a revolution

  • Liam

    It’s Mason Ryan with A.W and epico/primo