WWE Says Curtis Axel Beat Triple H On Last Week's Raw

While no decision was announced at the conclusion of Curtis Axel vs. Triple H on last week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, dot com lists the match as "Curtis Axel def. Triple H" in their official results report.

Below is an excerpt from their coverage:

There are wins, and there are wins, and Curtis Axel certainly got the latter in his first contest under Paul Heyman’s wing, and against Triple H no less. Not only did the revamped Superstar put up a strong fight against the 13-time World Champion, he did so in such a manner that The King of Kings had to stop competing altogether in his first Raw match in almost 3 years.

The young competitor got off to a rocky start against The Game, but Axel got his wheels rolling fast and ended up going tit-for-tat with The King of Kings, targeting The Game's injured jaw (a lingering effect from Brock Lesnar's sledgehammer strike the night before) and driving Triple H out of the ring. The King of Kings attempted to rally again, but couldn’t bring himself to re-enter the fray, taking a seat at ringside before keeling over altogether as medical staff swarmed around him, giving Axel the win as a result.

So, to recap: Curtis Axel hails from a wrestling lineage unlike almost any other, and he exploited an injury to leave Triple H physically unable to compete in a bout in his very first foray into the ring with the mad scientist at his side. That sounds about right for a Paul Heyman guy.

  • Chris

    Pretty much as I figured. Honestly, if he can take out Triple H that should make him eligible to go after any title he wants. What I would hope is that we get a feud between a slowly turning Barrett and Curtis Axel for the IC title, leading Barrett into the main event picture later this Summer.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Barrett as a face. He might be attracting to the younger demographic. I could see them selling his “Bull Hammer” elbow sleeve as merchandise. Kids will buy just about anything.

      • Chris

        I wouldn’t got full face, like Sheamus, keep him edgy. You make him that anti-hero we haven’t seen in a while.

        • And after this week’s Smackdown, that looks to be the route they are taking

    • Smart Mark

      I think they’re gonna give the IC strap to Fandango considering the problems him and Barrett have been having lately and then turn Fandango face to fight Curtis Axel for the IC title. I would love to see that feud. 2 former NXT developmental stars going at it to both position themselves higher or the roster.