WWE Says Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton Were Fined For Chair Strikes To The Head

WWE wrote here on dot com that both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton were fined for "chair strikes to the head" used during their match on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Dot com, using Triple H's kayfabe position of WWE COO, quoted the following:

“We don’t allow chair shots to the head in WWE,” WWE COO Triple H informed WWE.com. “We understand it was in the heat of the moment but we take this very seriously and as a result, [Orton and Bryan] were fined.”

Orton was also quoted saying that the fine was "enough."

I'm under the assumption this is legitimate although no announcement was posted on WWE's corporate website. The only other time that I can remember fines being issued for chair shots to the head was to Triple H and The Undertaker for their match at Wrestlemania XXVII in 2011. You can read that article at this link.

WWE banned unprotected chair shots to the head in 2010.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Ciprian Danciulescu for sending the dot com link.

  • Chris

    But wasnt it a non-disqualification street fight? Tripple Dbag at it again!

    • It doesn’t matter the gimmick. WWE has a hardline stance against unprotected chair shots to the head.

      • D-Bag

        But it wasn’t an unprotected head shot. Orton put very little force behind it and Bryan had his arms out.

      • Chris

        Then don’t call it a street fight.

        • sir-rusty82

          Umm are you serious. Like Richard said its a gimmick to draw fans in, they don’t actually sanction for a real street fight. I kinda feel I just got dumber trying to explain it to you

      • cobra

        As they should have a hardline stance against it. And for the people who say it wasn’t an unprotected head shot, it shouldn’t matter, concussions are something that should be prevented no matter what.
        Just ask Richard (I’m pretty sure he’s a Penguin fan) about Sidney Crosby and how a concussion affected a year and a half of your life.

        • BobCobb

          Oh please, you can’t compare Crosby to any other hockey player, or any wrestler. Crosby is “privileged” even his teammates called him out for being a little b$&@h. Any other player would have benn back in a matter of weeks

          • BobCobb

            I’m not trying to take away the seriousness of concussions, just Crosby isn’t a good example to use, he has the toughnessof a little girl

          • cobra

            I’m a Red Wing fan, so I hate Sidney Crosby. But he didn’t come back because he wasn’t cleared to play, its not because he didn’t want to.

  • CJ Blaze

    So was that part of the match unscripted?

  • Kevin Hearst

    so they gave it all for the fans yes!yes!yes!

  • PegLeg1069

    I don’t understand why WWE would use a Triple H’s kayfabe title for something that they take so seriously.

  • Luke

    why cant they do the *throw their hands and hit the chair creating the illusion that it hit their head like they have done forever* because im getting tired of seeing the same chair shot to the back every time

  • Lebron James

    Why don’t they get “Stunt Chairs”? I mean it’s 2013, you don’t have to use acual f’ing chairs for this.

    • sir-rusty82

      Its because they are now PG & don’t want to use objects that little kids can get there hands on & copy the wwe by hitting people over the head. That’s why they use objects like tables, ladders, Singapore caines none of those objects are easily accessible for kids but chairs are

    • BlazeKing

      It’s not the chair, it’s the momentum of the swing with the chair.

  • BIG M

    I was wondering bout this even though Orton and Bryan obviasly knew what they were doing I mean it was unscripted yes but orton and Bryan were both prepared Orton picked his spot perfectly and Bryan protected himself from momment one so they obviously talked bout this before the match otherwise Bryan would have been pretty POd at Orton and Vkm would have been livid I honestly don’t have a problem with “protected” chair shots but when people get cracked in the skull ala Mick Foley so many times and can’t remember what day it is I can see why WWE baned them.