WWE Says John Cena Was In A Car Accident

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WWE posted this afternoon on dot com that John Cena was involved in a car accident today in Philadelphia.

According to their report, Cena was traveling in an SUV and was rear ended by a tractor trailer. Police responded and no immediate injuries were reported.

Click here for coverage by WWE.com.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Patrick Peralta, Jason Barlow, Callum Lawrence, Craig and Matt Scott for sending us the link.

  • Jerad M.

    So this must be a storyline because I just check with a bunch of philly outlets and they are NOT reporting about it

    • Laura

      You must not have looked very hard. I just found this on Channel 3. They mentioned it on the 12 noon program.

      • Jerad M.

        I checked with Philly.com, WPVI, and WCAU. None of them are reporting anything besides the one you mentioned.

  • Matt Scott

    I still say smells like an angle. Just a way for Cena to come out swinging saying "blah blah even a car crash won't keep me away. and in firther news for all the time I spend calling you a broken record I keep spitting the same old sh** and getting away with it"

    • Matt Scott

      Sorry, "further"

      • Hardy

        It’s legit but it still could pop up in storyline with rock.

  • dusty588

    Glad he's okay, I can't imagine what they would do at WM if he had gotton hurt.

    • Mike

      They'd panic.

    • Cd

      Have a decent wrestlemania free of cena which would be AMAZING id he quit

  • Christopher

    I hope Cena is okay.

  • Aldin94

    I smellllll a angle cooking

  • spike westphal

    this is all kayfabe another way to make cena a underdog epic fail wwe

  • Zevex
  • craig

    if this is storyline this would be an example of one of the ways wwe could screw up this match

  • Dangerous Lee

    If I was there I would’ve ran up to the accident and started chanting “EC-dub! EC-dub! EC-Dub!”

  • Matt Scott

    https://twitter.com/#!/WWEInsider/status/18180934… – If that don't prove it's an angle, God knows what will. If it was real he'd have been in hopsital as a mandatory precaution.

  • bobafettish6602

    "I did it for the Rock" Rikishi

    • H.M.


  • Mike

    I've just seen a comment on WWE.com that made me spit Pepsi on my monitor, reproduced here for your enjoyment…

    "John Cena in a car accident? Maybe the other driver didn't see him."

    • PhilT81

      Funny comment – he always warns that people can’t see him afterall.

      I bet all of the people saying it ‘clearly’ didn’t happen are feeling foolish now.

  • Maz

    He needs to see David Otunga if he wants to Make a claim

  • Steven

    Yea they would stage an accident on a major highway in philly. It’s an angle alright. (Scarsam)


    Well this is sad,I hope Rock beats Cena in the Rock's hometown in Miami,Florida:-}
    Oh and did you know the Rock went to college at the University of Miami??