WWE Says Randy Orton Will Be Re-Evaluated On February 27, 2012

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WWE has a new article online on the injury status of Randy Orton. While dot com can never be taken too seriously, they are reporting Orton's condition will be re-evaluated on February 27, 2012.

Orton suffered a concussion during his singles match with Big Show on last week's Raw Supershow. Due to the injury, Orton was removed from the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match and replaced by Santino Marella.

Click here for coverage by WWE.com.

  • Matt

    Glad to see them taking his concussion serious, though. Just like the NHL, I think it's wise to not treat any concussion lightly as it can easily end careers.

  • Grant

    Orton's concussion was a kayfabe injury. He didnt actually have a concussion. Though I have no idea why the WWE moved to take him out of the elimination chamber match.

    • Mr.mondaynight

      He has a legit concussion, the only thing that’s kayfabe about the orton injury is how he got it.

  • Vic

    You’re an idiot if you think orton doesnt have a concussion.

  • Hardy

    The only thing fake about this is wwe storyline said the impact from the belt caused the concussion. When actually it was a botched RKO.

  • Andy

    Ortons concussion was legit. Why on earth would they take out Orton for Santino???

    • ana

      i love randy and replacing santino instead of randy is like trading gold for trash so i was shocked

  • Chopper

    Wellness policy!

  • JEAN

    Can't wait till he's back…to make DBryans life as misrable as can be…