WWE Says Tensai Will Be Reprimanded For Inappropriate Comments

Matt Bloom, who works as Tensai in WWE, caused a stir with a video he posted on his Tout account late Monday night. In the video, while traveling with his manager Sakamoto,  Tensai said it is "very, very dangerous to drive with a Japanese person."  He then slapped Sakamoto while he was driving and told him "to open his eyes" as they traveled to Smackdown in Indianapolis.

The remark was meant to enhance his storyline in demeaning Sakamoto. Once the video was removed, WWE issued the following statement:

"While in character, Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom) clearly took his storyline too far and he will be reprimanded for his inappropriate comments.”

While the Tout has been deleted, Tensai's Tweets regarding the matter are embedded below:

Bloom even Tweeted former WWE star Taka Michinoku who trained Sakamoto:

  • CynIsIn

    First AW, (although, that was rude.) And now Tensai… “No, we’re not trying to win a senate race.”

  • Im asian and I actually defended tensai when others called him a racist due to his in-ring antics….but this….this is just racist.

    • Razmos01

      How do you know he didnt make reference to him falling asleep at the wheel? Or maybe that he needs glasses, maybe it wernt ment in a racist way but as normal people are quick to speculate

      • If sakamoto is a bad driver, then hes a bad driver. Tensai referring to his ethnicity in relation to his driving is where this situation gets racial. Dont get me wrong, i love racial comedy, but there is a difference between comedy and hate. From what i read about tensai’s tout, it didnt sound like creative entertainment. It sounded hateful.

        • holla

          Asians cant drive… PERIOD, its not racist, it is a fact

  • Paul

    Tensai should learn to wrestle before commenting on anything others are not good at.

  • Ricky

    WWE Wishes the Best to Tensai and A.W in their future endevors?

  • An0n

    soooo racist

  • rkoturner11

    Totally not racist if it’s true!

  • Ricky Valdez

    Racist, but I’m sure the wwe was behind it “while in character” until they realized it looks bad.

  • Hardy

    I mean theres being in character and going a bit too far but how can he not realise just how racist those remarks are?! Something tells me tensai won’t be with wwe for much longer, hasn’t really delivered so far and this can’t exactly help him.

  • Bishop

    I’m half Japanese, I found it funny. Why? Because me and my sister always poke fun at each other when we drive one another around.

  • Chris

    So it’s okay for family guy and south park and other shows can say those things, but the wwe which everyone wants to back to then attitude era then go back on it saying sits racist. Grow up and take it for what it is, a joke. If you can’t do that I think you should maybe stop watching until the pg era happens again 30 forms now where everything will be so politically correct it’s gonna be stupid.

  • joe

    nothing intentional behind it so no need to cry over it lads

  • Basima

    What is so racist with that? Comon people… I am sure some japanese actually find it funny, cause from my point of view, that is hilarious! Stupid senate run.

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe is all about Lindas political campagne…. Good job Linda! Make WWE into the lame kidshow it is to day…

    • Kai

      She doesn’t work for WWE anymore…in fact she hasn’t for awhile, not bothered though Linda will never get office and is foolish to think she would. WWE should try to cut all ties with this campaign and PG crap…I’m 23 and this is more and more becoming a 2 year olds programme (raw and smackdown). Sorry for the rant!

      • rkoturner11

        She may not work for wwe anymore but she will always be associated with it because her opponents will always bring it up so the wwe fans will have to settle for water downed product because of her.

        • Wwe4L76

          Yes! My point

  • Ken

    It's no different from the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase demeaning Virgil back in the day, just as AW is the modern version of Jimmy Hart.
    The WWE could have taken this and worked it into a Tensai storyline that might have given the character some interest or relevance, with Sakamoto eventually growing tired of his master abusing him and turning on him, just as Virgil did to DiBiase way back when. Work that in during a Tensai title run, you've got your drama, and you've got focus on a younger star in Sakamoto.
    Could have. Instead the WWE caves to the whiney beeyatch brigade and kills a potentially interesting angle out of fear, and we're left with the same old, same old yet again.

  • Guy Landau

    I think the tweets go to show that Sakamoto possibly really is a bad driver. The TOUT, while probably meant as a joke, was offensive. However, the fact that Sakamoto is Japanese should not deter us from commenting on his bad driving skill if he is in fact a bad driver.

    What I find really silly about this is that Tensai, while not Japanese, is supposed to have ample respect for Japanese culture – just not towards Sakamoto. Him taking a shot at the entire Japanese population is out of character, regardless of it being offensive.

  • Randy

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Absolutely hilarious. People are just too sensitive these days. I would love to see this generation living in the 1950s for just 1 week lol

  • Ray

    Come on now. That’s like me telling a black joke yet my best friend’s black. If anyone finds that racist, stop taking life so seriously sometimes.


    Oh boo who, its like saying mexicans like beans or you can fit a bunch of mexicans in a VW and Im mexican and I find it funny and Im still going to eat beans. It just goes to show you how sensitive this world has become. Nobody can say anything anymore without some group taking offense to it. Quit be cry babies!