WWE Says They Refuse To Be Bullied; Writer Mentions Trish Stratus Angle Where She Was "Ordered" To Strip, Get Down On Her Hands And Knees & Bark Like A Dog

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Remember Darien Times writer Joshua Fisher that claimed in an editorial that WWE was barely above pornography? The story has taken another turn this week following another defensive response by WWE in which Chris Powell of the Darien Times responded with an editorial entitled, "Deposing McMahon: If not porn, what is it?"

In WWE's response, they put over their TV-PG content and say they are a company that "refuses to be bullied and will not allow" their content to be inaccurately categorized.

In his editorial, Powell mentions a storyline the company did where Vince McMahon "ordered" Trish Stratus to undress and get down on her hands and knees and bark like a dog. You can read the piece at this link.

For those that doubt the angle ever happened, you can watch a clip available on YouTube at this link.

  • Abe

    In slight defense of wwe that was so many years ago before Vince even thought of going PG

    • Richard Gray

      The business was at a different place when this happened. Look, I'm not saying this was an appropriate way for McMahon to behave but it was a storyline in which all parties were acting. However, it makes the company look bad when they come out with bold statements knowing footage like this exists.

      • havoc525

        While they’re at it, since WWE owns so much footage and Ted DiBiase once worked there, are they going to blame the McMahon family for Iron Mike dying in ring?

  • Dufus

    Trish Stratus stripped and got on all fours and barked like a dog? I miss one episode and it had to be that one. : (

    • SRP

      I saw that one. It really wasn’t anything worth going out of your way to see.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        I do remember thaat Trish incident and While I wouldn't mind seeing her strip down……….all the other stuff she had to to do was not needed….

        • christopher525

          Except for the fact that it got people to hate Vince even more, it served it's purpose.

  • BOB

    I have been watching porn for a long time and never seen anyone keep their clothes on.

    Also he has it round the wrong way which makes it seem worse, stripping then barking when it should be barking the stripping. the way he has is implying that she is in bra and panties when barking.

    And its erotica at best not porn

  • Dave Barton

    Why does anyone really care what WWE offers? Its a scripted tv show telling stories, just like every other scripted tv show. No one accuses Michael C. Hall of being a psycho for playing a killer in the tv series Dexter…both he & the show get nominated for awards constantly! Seriously, people need to get over themselves. Don't like a show? Then don't watch it!

    • christopher525

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! What more offensive, the Trish deal, or seeing Dennis Franz's naked ass on primetime TV? NYPD Blue was massive, and showed a naked fat dude showering, I would say that's more offensive than a woman in their undies and whatnot.

  • Whammaster

    Yes and im sure if you monitor the life of the editorial, and dig up his past from 15+ years ago you will find something incriminating and stupid.

    Its almost pathetic how deep this guy is digging to protect his editorial integrity.

  • ShanND

    Quite honestly, that segment turned me off of the WWE until Bret Hart's return. I know it was just entertainment, but it make me reevaluate my entertainment choices and options.

  • mathew30

    yeah it wasnt much to see considering we had seen her in her undies many MANY times before. how ever if you had missed the live sex show which shows amy aka lita clearly took her bra off and the camera got a glimpse, then i would have thought if they wanted to use any thing scandalous, would have been a live sex show of all things

  • Dude Love

    They shouldn’t disparage porn by comparing it to wrestling.

  • Alex

    I like porn

    • land_grabber

      who doesn't?

  • BigMike

    WWF/E has done ALOT of not necessary spots in its history …..that spot in particular was in the Attitude Era biggest time so p[retty much anything went back then so for some idiot using it on their "editorial" as a piece point they are truly clueless as Trish has been "retired" from WWE for how long now? and this was when she was little more than a valet and had not been wrestling very long so this was going back

  • Adam O’Brien

    The guy who wrote that editorial was clearly scraping the barrel for dirt on WWE, if he had to go back in time like that.
    He obviously doesn’t know anything about the company’s current product.