WWE Scooby Doo, Aces & 8s Members, Orton’s Big Disconnect, Heat On Part-Time Talent

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What happened to the production of WWE Scooby Doo?

WWE's joint production with Warner Bros. Animation and Hanna-Barbera for Scooby Doo: The Curse of the Ghost Bear is due out on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital download next year. WWE personalities that did voiceover work for the film last August include Triple H, John Cena, Kane, The Miz, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Sin Cara, AJ Lee and Vince McMahon. This is something WWE is looking at doing more of.

I'm glad Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff were finally revealed as members of the Aces and Eights faction. Is it just me or is this the worst kept secret in recent memory?

The Aces and Eights faction is a great storyline to spark viewer interest but TNA has hung with it for too long. I'm not saying Aces and Eights should be disbanded but they've waited too long to reveal its members. Everyone knew Brisco and Bischoff were behind the masks but TNA wanted to keep their identities unknown in hopes that it would keep viewers tuning in to find out.

How long is Randy Orton going to be a mid card performer? In my opinion Orton still gets the second biggest reaction behind John Cena then maybe CM Punk. When will we see him back in the main event picture?

Randy Orton's stock has fallen significantly since his "second" WWE Wellness policy violation in May 2012. There has been a disconnect between Orton and the WWE audience and that was made abundantly clear with the WWE Active voting on this week's Raw when Chris Jericho beat out Orton to face CM Punk. Orton isn't going anywhere but he's clearly not the "1b" he was prior to the latest strike. I can't tell you if/when he'll be rebuilt in the main event but a complete heel turn would be a good start.

With all the resentment towards The Rock, I am wondering why there isn't the same level towards either Triple H, The Undertaker or especially Brock Lesnar? Hasn't The Rock been more involved the passed three years then all of them?

Every name you mentioned has their critics but the critics of Triple H are the most quiet as he's going to be Vince McMahon's successor. It's also worth pointing out that while Hunter hasn't been actively involved in storylines, he's been more involved than anyone in the past three years as his backstage duties and responsibilities have increased significantly. Undertaker is very well respected and doesn't receive the same type of heat as Rock or Lesnar because he's still seen as a "WWE guy." It's not that Undertaker doesn't want to work the full-time WWE schedule; he's physically unable to do so. As I've noted on numerous occasions, criticism of The Rock is based on jealousy. Rock is a huge draw and his reign as WWE Champion is a good thing for the business. As for Brock Lesnar, he has his fair share of detractors for making millions of dollars for a part time schedule but the fact of the matter is he can outdraw the majority of the WWE roster. Lesnar is a guy that has minimal involvement with his storylines and matches and is basically there to collect a paycheck. He hates life on the road but has earned his money.

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  • Is Orton in an actual storyline?

  • Brock is a huge draw, no doubt. But he became a draw based on his UFC career. When he was the face of WWE he was not that great of a draw. WM 19 drew horribly. I was there live in Safeco and I saw many fans leaving the stadium before Brock took on Angle in the main event. That was a sign that most fans came to see Rock/Austin and not Brock Lesnar.

    • coolk

      Though brock match with kurt and hbk vs jericho were great. Plus critics say that mania was as close or 2nd best to wm 17. I agree.

    • Justin

      Austin is arguably the biggest superstar ever in wrestling. Obviously a match with Austin is going to be a bigger draw than a match featuring Lesnar. Fact is, Brock can draw bigger numbers than most of the talent on today’s roster. I agree that his drawing power increased significantly with his UFC career. He drew in a lot of new fans for both the UFC and WWE.

      • I’m happy Brock is back and I’m fully aware of his drawing power. i’m just making the point that in his first run with WWE he wasn’t a big draw despite being the face of the WWE. If we compare Brock’s drawing power from 2002-2004 to Cena in 2005-2007, Cena was a bigger draw.

        • Pluto


        • Jimmy

          First you were comparing Brock in 02-04 with the Brock after UFC and now your comparing him to Cena? Even you know you were wrong that’s why you brought Cena.

      • Pluto

        Hogan then Austin.

  • lbp365

    With Orton they don’t want him , but will not let him go because he will not only help TNA, but ciuld make it easier to find a investor and talent.

    • Pluto

      TNA could get Orton and it still wouldn’t help TNA very much. Orton doesn’t have the maturity too be a #1 guy in another promotion. If TNA ever wants too be taken seriously then they need too build their own stars instead of counting on the WWE’s sloppy seconds.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Lesnar just collects paycheck worth Millions of dollars yet he isn’t a big draw as much as WWE can think of.

  • Snap

    The RAW Active voting actually shows how there’s a big disconnect between WWE and the audience, not specifically Orton. Jericho made a surprise return at the Royal Rumble and is so clearly over with the audience WWE obviously wasn’t thinking logically when they included Jericho while expecting Orton to get the vote.

    Of course Jericho was going to win.

    • I agree. When I saw the choices, I immediately thought the WWE wanted Jericho in that match and was surprised to find out that they expected Orton to get the vote.

    • Pluto

      I agree as well. I wouldn’t be too worried about Orton though, the moment they turn him heel he’ll be a main eventer again.

  • Monty

    I know Orton makes 7 figures but I don’t see him going through with this much longer. Either use him right or he will ask for his release. IMO of watching wrestling for 24 years Orton to me is still a bigger name than cm.punk. But core wrestling fans seems to wanna hate in Orton. I mean how long are they gonna hold his 2nd strike.

    On one hand Richard they have a issue with his 2nd strike on the other they are again interested in brining back hardey who has had more strikes than anyone in wrestling in last 5-10 years.

    So if they are gonna hold Orton to such a high standard than why hardeys past doesn’t matter

    Thanks for answering my question. And that wwe poll is a stupid idea, I know the goal is to have people download the app. Y2J just came back so he is the hot name right now but clearly wwe wanted Orton to win the poll

    • Monty

      That’s why they should fix these polls sometimes to make something as planned happen IMO. I wanted to see Orton vs punk

  • SoulFool

    It’s all a huge comedy of errors…WWE marks make jabs and poke fun at TNA for using Legends like Hogan , Sting , et al to draw ratings and exposure , but then McMahonland has casual yesteryear’s The Rock as their Champion , and Brock Lesner as a back and forth fixture of the company !!! Part-Time Prospects that will only be on WWE programming until they either go off to make a movie , or one of them pisses and moans about his schedule !!! What a crock of shit…but that’s The McMahon’s for ya , more money than brains !!! Then there’s Paul Heyman…WTF is that all about anywho ?!? Dixie had her chance to recruit Paul E. , but now , I really wouldn’t trust it…being he’s been under VKM’s influence for this long !!!

    • Jimmy

      Paul Heyman could do wonders for TNA if he takes Hogans place.

  • Jimmy

    I still feel like Randy Orton is a maineventer he just needs a decent feud and storyline which he hasn’t been given in awhile. But i have a feeling he might win the Elimination Chamber match and maybe get a title reign after Wrestlemania even if it does end up with Ziggler cashing in and becoming champ lol. That’s ok because Ziggler is my favorite and i like Orton alot as well.