WWE Scraps Heel Turn Segment From International Airing Of Smackdown

WWE taped a heel turn for Kaitlyn at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Jacksonville, Florida. After the Divas tag match in which she tagged with AJ, she turned and aligned with Beth Phoenix & Natalya. The segment was cut from the international airing of the show.

Embedded in the video below is the taped segment that was nixed:

  • hurrigame

    Kaitlyn? Who's Kaitlyn?

  • Alex

    I kind of like that angle. I feel like Kaitlyn is a believable diva to align with Beth and Natalya. She's doesn't have the same body type as Beth and Natalya, but she's not the typical Diva…she's somewhere in between look wise, and it's nice that they are finally doing a little something with her character.

  • Dig Baddy

    She's wearing granny panties! Yuck!

    • infamous743

      Dude Kaitlyn is hot what’s wrong with you

  • jeb

    Whats amazing is she was once in the running for the Arnold classic world's strongest woman

    • j8duong

      if she won that…wouldnt she technically be considered the female mark henry?

  • Nicola

    I think it's about time that the WWE got more Divas joining Beth and Natalya …I would've thought that they would have got Tasmina to join them as well since she is just them…No Ordinary Diva. In fact the WWE should have an Amazon Division

  • Gabby

    I like this heel turn, this storyline is finally moving somewhere. All smiles:))))))))

  • Sean

    Finally kaitlyn gets a push and WWE lets her team with the divas who can do actual in-ring work

  • MonstaHeel 450

    NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!! About time Kaitlyn's gettn the push and make The Divas Of Doom a dangerous team to be reckon with. Now it's gets interesting. Who wants to get some against BethNatKait? Good Luck K2, AJ and the rest….. you'll need it.