WWE Settles With The World Wildlife Fund; Another French Talent Gets Developmental Contract

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- WWE has settled all of their legal proceedings with the World Wildlife Fund which is why they no longer have to blur out the old WWF logos. This includes the old Attitude Era "scratch logo."

- Lucas Di Leo, another independent worker out of France, has signed a developmental contract with WWE. Di Leo received a tryout with the company while they were in the United Kingdom late last year. Unlike Tom La Ruffa, who is also French and was recently signed to a developmental contract, Di Leo trained exclusively in France.  La Ruffa was a graduate of Lance Storm's Storm Wrestling Academy.

  • christopher525

    It would be nice if they decided to go back to the old name, but I don't see that happening.

  • Kleck

    Very cool. I always wondered if they would be able to legally show them again. I can’t imagine how much money was put into editing all the tapes to blur the old logo as well as putting the newer WWE logo over the old WWF logo at the bottom left or right of the screen.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Does this mean they can go back to using the WWF Name. I allways thought the World Wildlife Fund issues was stupid to start with…I mean no one is going to mistake a Wrestling promotion called WWF. with a Wildlife orginazation. called WWF and if they do they are not to bright to begain with.

  • Red

    Do you have a any specifics about their settlement with WWF?

  • Fernando

    They can form a new La Résistance with Di Leo and La Ruffa, with the plus both are legitimately French.

  • Tony P.

    Great! Now that means i still have to sit through the horrible editing of mentions of “wwf” and blurring the logo on all of my wwe dvds lol

  • elgato48

    I how they re release wrestlemania anthology without the blurs and edits. Thats the only reason I never bought it

  • CynIsIn

    Now they can get all the Wrestlemania’s on blu-ray, it would be awesome.

  • Nightmare

    Hopefully this means all their future DVD/Blu-Ray releases won't be hindered by that annoying, distracting blur.

  • Matt

    I can't wait for new releases not having the blurs. That always ruins it, as if we didn't know what it said and always got in the way!!! Such awesome news!!!!

  • Mike L

    I was hoping they would atleast try to something before the Network got off the ground. Hopefully they'll be rereleasing the Wrestlemania Boxset or releasing all the Mania's as stand alone DVD/Blu-Rays.

  • jeb

    My childhood is back :')

  • Msuth

    I hope Figs inc re-release the big eagle an smoking skull replica belts now!

  • Wwe4L76

    DONT go back to WWF even if it’s posible… WWF was something unique, wwe sucks.

  • Mark3man

    I was watching the current edge DVD at the weekend. All the WWF stuff was blurred, then they had a interview with Randy Orton, he was wearing a WWF Monday night warzone t-shirt and they didn’t blur that plus Randy wasn’t around when it was raw is war so that must be a ‘new‘ t-shirt that WWE sells

  • Logan_Walker

    All these years I still don’t know why they called it the “scratch” logo. Lol.

    • Chris

      Cos it looks like its been scratched in to something…..just a guess….

  • AB4

    Wish they'd been able to do this years ago. It's very distracting to see and hear on the otherwise outstanding DVD compilations they release, like the Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble boxsets.