WWE Shutting Down Florida Championship Wrestling

WWE is  shutting down Florida Championship Wrestling, their official developmental territory. The company has already contacted their local television provider, the Bright House Network, and informed them of their decision. The programming will cease to air in three weeks.

Everyone involved with Florida Championship Wrestling is expected to relocate to Stamford, Connecticut until a decision regarding the company developmental program is made.

FCW became the official WWE developmental promotion in 2007 when WWE severed ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling.  Steve Keirn, who started FCW, was put in charge of the company's developmental program.  No word as of this writing on Keirn's status.

From what I understand, the decision to shut down the Tampa-based promotion will be effective immediately and includes the training facility.

  • Christopher Kreuzer

    Hope this does not affect their developing talent.

  • Patrick

    WWE must really be in financial trouble!!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Nah, as shocking as the headline sounds, this is something I've expected for quite some time.

      • Scotty

        If its not because of money than what’s the reason? This makes no sense if financial issues is not the issue.

      • AJG316

        Really please explain why u saw this coming

        • wnwdotcom2

          They've been upset at the lack of stars produced from FCW. Also, some higher-ups saw it as one big party in one of the party capital's of the United States.

          • Kat

            Maybe I am naive but isn´t it the fault of creative/booking if they don´t produce new stars? Maybe the breakfest-club should do the job more often and just let themself be pinned. Also if someone is riding on momentum they souldn´t just pull the ruck from under them. How can there be new stars if someone is one of the hottest acts on Raw/Smackdown for months and all of a sudden they are only shown on Superstars? Makes no sense to me. Please explain that to me. And also please don´t tell me it´s all because of backstage-politics. But I am not really suprised, God (HHH) is probably afraid someone could eraise him and his buddies from the record-books.

    • Jaryd

      I think it's more the fact that as a proving ground it's only been moderately more succesful than the Powerplant. In my opinion they should of stuck to striking partnerships with already recognised and established local promotions.

    • jdl

      FCW hasn't quite been living up to WWE's expectations from what I've heard. Closing it down and moving the developmental closer to home makes sense.

  • Noah

    ROH much? lol

  • Tomas

    Five'll get you Ten that they're going to go with Booker T's PWA.

    • Scotty

      Now that makes a lot of sense! One of the reasons Booker left wwe in 2007 was because he wanted his promotion to be a developmental ground for the E and they didn’t do it. Now that he’s back and seemly for good, they changed their mind. Hope it happens!

    • Derek

      According to Booker T's PWA website, "Big changes are coming!!! Don’t miss our show this Saturday. Be the first to find out what’s in store for the PWA!!!"

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    oh my god, that is bad. what will happen with rollins and ambrose. will hope they get a new devomplment (sorry if i spelled it wrong) or get ones like OVW or wil they “invade” ROH and make it there developmental system i have no idea just hope its good.

  • Mazin

    I Can See Them Doing It To Sorta Cut Travel Cost With Scouts Just Having To Take A Shorter Drive To See The Developments And Also Maybe Keep Them From TNA even if it’s not competition you never know if you’ll find a diamond in the rough lol

  • jonathon212

    they should just make roh their official developmental territory since they get a lot of their talent from there anyway

  • mr shwo

    damn thats a shame, i enjoyed their show on youtube every week, surprisingly good stuff

  • chelu671

    Seriously? I was just getting into FCW episodes… I wonder how they will go about their Champions. Well, WWE could ask Booker T to use his training camp for their developmental company. I rememeber few years ago, Booker left WWE because the co. didn't choose his camp, after OVW.

  • Wwe4L76

    Good way to Get “though enough Andy” out of WWE :D!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    this sucks I enjoyed FCW not to mention I hope Chrisd hero, Claudio Castignoli and Jon Moxley do not get droped… or at least get moved to Superstars.

  • Mike

    Shame. Wonder what they're going to do instead? I really liked the FCW show. There's a lot of promising talent there. If they do replace it with Booker's promotion I hope they have a TV deal or something that I can get over the interwebs.

  • Mitch

    I feel bad for the talent, and really damn bad for Chris Hero..

  • Fernando

    Maybe they just want FCW workers to be closer to the WWE HQ.

  • Lynn

    I am really sorry to see FCW leaving Tampa.

  • chris

    If they do use Booker T's PWA im signing up lol .That'll be really cool becuase its in houston

  • bige7588

    Not Suprised at All There Top Talent Main Event Stars Are Coming From ROH Dory Funk Jr , Mikey Whipwreck,Afa The Wild Samoan And Harley race Not FCW That speaks for itself FCW Is not Turning Out Top Stars

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    nxt is the new dvlpmnt region for wwe. Now fcw shd do an invasion storyline on nxt

    • Ben

      Learn to spell and get correct info before posting on a news site

  • Ben

    I have it on good authority that this is bogus, and there are no plans to shut FCW, however the FCW is dropping Brighthouse