Full Details On Who Is Behind WWE Signing Well-Known Indy Talent & What Has Caused The Company's Change Of Direction

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WWE has signed many names that don't fit their stereotypical (6'2 220 pounds of muscle) criteria in recent years, especially over the last six months.

I'm told while the success of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has played a factor recently, Triple H is seen as the underlining factor. Hunter's philosophy regarding talent on the indy scene has changed over the years. While he'd prefer talent to have more muscle, he feels workers that have had success on the indy scene are more dedicated to the business and don't flake out as easy. The enforcement of WWE's Wellness Policy as well as injuries related to PED's, not to mention the negative publicity in the "post-Benoit era," have also been contributing factors to his change of heart.

My source pointed specifically to Punk, Bryan and Dean Ambrose and commented how all three would have been seen as nothing more than "indy guys" just a little over a decade ago. The bottom-line is Hunter is committed to WWE having a deeper talent pool with workers that have talent (and experience) and even Vince McMahon has been more open to it.

  • robert

    i wish it would've been like this 12 years ago when i was 200 pds

    • Bault16

      Ok buddy

  • who?

    FINALLY! no wonder they sign sara del ray too! damn!! bring on Del rey Vs Kharma or Vs Natalya !!

  • Michael

    Bout time.

  • Kerri

    As many of the things that I don't like when they involve Triple H- this is the one things that will make me believe that he can't be that bad of a guy. Good for him to see that indy wrestlers offer more to the business as a whole and started going after the top peeps like Claudio, Moxely (Dean Ambrose), Hero, Del Rey, Pac, etc. and trying to enrich the WWE talent pool.

    I just wish Vince would of gotten his head out of his *** years ago and realized that a wrestler's body size doesn't equal talent.

  • LeeMc

    I personally like the direction triple h is taking the company so far, with the revamped nxt and signing more Indy talents

  • Fernando

    Kudos to Hunter. A trained and experienced indy wrestler (almost) guarantees better performances than non-trained bodybuilders/models.

  • SC89

    Long overdue

  • outkazt09

    Triple H is doing good so far with his position in the company. Makes me happy to see whats in store for us when he takes over.

  • _JIM_

    Is it just me thinking that the indies would be the first place I looked for new talent? That just seems pretty obvious to me…