WWE Signing NFL Snubs?, Update On Randy Orton Using Head Punt

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WWE Working To Sign NFL Snubs?

Jim Ross will be representing WWE in a meeting with the NFL Players Association in Washington, D.C. Apparently the company wants to work closer with the league as they feel they could sign players that don't make teams.

Update on Randy Orton Using the Punt

You might have noticed that Randy Orton used his "punt" to the head of Big Show at WWE Extreme Rules. This isn't something he'll be using regularly again as WWE continues to take the risk of concussions very seriously. The feeling was he was allowed to use the finisher at the pay-per-view because of the Extreme Rules stipulation.

  • JeremyHoover

    I had a problem with both his punt and the HHH “concussion” storyline. If WWE wants to be serious about concussions, then storylining them is not, imo, acceptable. Simulating a brutal direct kick to the head (that was used in the past to put wrestlers on the shelf) is not a good idea.

    • sir-rusty82

      Toughen up princess we see worse on morning cartoons & alot more kids watch that. Putting it in a storyline is actually showing the risks & a perfect example to speak to their kids to let them know how dangerous it can be

  • John

    Not to mention the fact that they literally just lost Dolph Ziggler to a concussion via a direct kick to the head.