WWE Signs Dragon Gate USA Referee; Help Amy Meet CM Punk

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- Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent in the following:

Arda Ocal from The Score reports on his Twitter (@arda_ocal) Dragon Gate USA referee Jason Harding (real name Jason Ayers) has signed a developmental deal with WWE and will report to Tampa shortly.

- Wrestling News World reader Amy Codini from 105.5 The Kate out of Chicago sent in the following video:

She accompanied it with the following letter:

Hi, my name is Amy Codini and I do middays on a rock/alternative/metal radio station just south of Chicago called 105.5 The Kat. www.kat1055.com

My sister and I made this video because we want to meet our favorite wrestlers! We watch WWE all the time so we thought why not give it a shot! The WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony is on March 31st in Miami and we made the video in hopes that CM Punk would take me as his date and Kofi Kingston would take my sister, Angie.

I know this seems like a long shot but maybe with the right amount of attention, they could actually see it and accept. The video has already been getting a little attention and has been on a radio prep website called Wise Brother Media.

I'm really hoping they accept the date offer. Who knows if they will even see the video! It would be a dream come true for my sister and I to be able to meet them at Extreme Rules or to attend an event as amazing as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony with our favorite wrestlers.

We've received a lot of positive encouragement. People are excited that we're actually going for it. All we can do is try.

We've seen videos like this work with other celebrities, so we are hoping it could also work for us.

Any help you could give with getting the word out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

  • Curtis

    As their date at the HoF it seems like a very long shot. Meeting them at Extreme Rules? possibly yes.

  • Pizzaman

    Im gonna do the same thing but with kelly kelly

    • outkazt09

      sorry to hear that.

  • Tim


  • Aldo T

    Due to the fact that I'm a gentleman, I'm at a standstill on whether or not to call them what they truly are.

    But then again, they ARE asking to be named.. Well.. Lets say, in the words of John Cena.. #Hoeski

  • Titus

    If it's thats easy, I'm gonna do the same thing but for the Bella Twins.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Beth Phoenix will find those 2 girls, and glam Slam both of them.