WWE Signs El Generico

Word beginning to make rounds in several circles is that WWE has signed Rami Sebei.

Sebei, who WWE targeted in November, is best known as El Generico.

I do not have 100% confirmation but would assume this is a developmental deal that will see him report to NXT Wrestling in Tampa, Florida.

  • PainOfDemise

    I wonder if they will make him lose the mask. Glad they signed him if it is true and hopefully I’ll see him on NXT soon.

  • jamessime


    From that video he looks super crazy terrifyingly dangerous… but also awesome. Looking forward to seeing what they do with him.

    • Loren Goldstein

      That is a sweet move set. It’s too bad that the way the current WWE is setup that we won’t see half those moves. 🙁

    • D-Bag

      Now those were some brainbusters. I hope they let him work in the WWE.

  • Dustyn

    That’s awesome!

  • youcantnailher

    Vince mcmahon seeing the mve list of El generico
    VKM : hmm Brainbustaahhh … mm BANNED!

  • Jeff

    Man Triple H so far has signed some awesome guys to contracts so far. I’m looking foward to the future!

  • Please don’t rename him or take his mask off.

  • The Breaker

    If he’s used correctly, this could be awesome. Gotta wonder what this means for Sin Cara..

  • Dangerous Lee

    I’m sure they’ll keep the mask on. Apparently masks sell really well.

  • Ol’e Ol’e Ol’e