WWE Signs Goalkeeper To Developmental Contract

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WWE has signed former Port Vale goalkeeper Stuart Tomlinson to a developmental contract. Tomlinson retired from football last summer due to a knee injury.

He's 28-years-old and appeared on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine after working as a male model. Tomlinson met with company officials during the most recent European torn.

StaffsLive has more at this link.

  • ken

    This is what they’re ditching Indy stars for. Doesnt the future look bright?

    • Bob’s Diner

      Oh yes indeed! Why keep people like Colt Cabana or Chris Hero when you can use that money to hire a male model!

  • verteilerkappe

    Eh… so he had an knee injury which forced him to retire and he now wants to become a pro wrestler? This doesn’t make sense, right?

    • K!NG

      Goldberg Suffered a Knee injury then became a pro wrestler so its not un heard of.

  • The arbiter

    I have no idea how well this dude can work, but the simple fact is he will draw some attention just because of his look. WWE has always been about selling the attraction, and this guy has a look that can sell.