WWE Signs Jacob Southwick, Working With All Japan Pro Wrestling?, McMahon Disagrees With Romney

- WWE has reportedly signed Jacob Southwick, a two-time NCAA All American wrestler from Ashland University, to a developmental contract. You can view his college wrestling profile at this link.

- There is an interesting rumor making rounds that is at least worth mentioning. According to publications out of Japan and the Keeping the Spirit Alive Tumblr blog, All Japan Pro Wrestling's President Masayuki Uchida met personally with John Laurinaitis when Smackdown was in the country in August. Apparently there was some type of deal proposed where the promotions would work together in some capacity. I cannot confirm any of this but you can read more at this link.

- While the McMahon family has contributed financially to the Mitt Romney for President campaign, Linda McMahon expressed her disagreement with the Republican nominee over recently-revealed controversial comments about 47% of Americans believing they are victims. You can read her response at this link.

  • themcdangler

    Victims of what?

    • Ray

      Victims of wwe extending raw to 3 hours with no flow :p

      • Ken

        Or long-suffering victims of WWELite's PG initiative?
        I'm a Brit, and I feel like a victim there.

        • Logan_Walker

          Lol at “Ken”.

  • Robert olley

    Victims of everything Americans always want the sympathy vote cause it let’s them get away with anything

  • ZackPck

    Great Muta vs Undertaker, Wrestlemania. Book it.

  • Jashaun

    I was gonna send in that report of wwe working with Japan. But I didn’t know how.