WWE has signed Ben Satterly, better known as PAC, to a contract with the company. While I do not have 100% confirmation, I believe it is a developmental deal.

PAC became known to fans in the United States while working for Dragon Gate USA and worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling in May.

  • Kleck

    Anyone know of this individual in any detail?

  • Heda


    But really, if they let him do his thing, it will be amazing.

  • bryan

    wow! one of the best high flyer that ive ever seen..

  • No way! That's wicked awesome! To those of you who want to know more about him, listen to Episode 78 of Colt Cabana's "The Art of Wrestling" podcast. It's an hour interview with PAC. He's a really cool dude.

  • Wrestlingsbest

    What a disaster if this is true.

    • Guy Landau

      Why is that?

  • Wwe4L76

    We want X-PAC!!!!

    • Richard Gray


      • Nick

        Lol that Richard used “lol”

  • Chris

    So when WWE inevitably give him a new name, will that make him ex-PAC?


  • Fernando

    I've seen Pac's videos, and he's an amazing high-flyer (his nickname was/is "The man that gravity forgot"). I guess he'll be featured in the all-cruiserweight show WWE is planning.

  • I thought 2-PAC was dead?

  • Jeremy

    Okay this guy has done things outside of dragon gate usa, but Richard is sounding like that is the first time fans have ever heard of this guy. He has also wrestled for Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla where he is a formal tag team champion with Roderick Strong by the way.

    • Guy Landau

      Yeah, and as we all know ALL fans watch those regularly. Many fans have not heard of PAC, and that's perfectly fine – they will once he gets called up (which I am confident he will).

  • Immy

    Nice to see another English man signed by WWE

  • andyk2012

    ive known pac for years and he realy deserves this chance

  • LilRJ

    He be flyin high!!!!!