WWE Signs Sara Del Rey

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Sara Del Rey is heading to WWE pending a physical.

Sara is well-known from her work on the indy scene including spectacular matches in Ring of Honor, SHIMMER and CHIKARA. As long as she passes her physical, her contract will be signed and she is expected to report to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

  • Callum

    If she has experience in all of that why put her in FCW she might make the divas division better!

    • Sin cara had “experience” and look what happened to him once they threw him in the ring.

    • Guy Landau

      Wrestling in WWE is VERY different from any other organization. We had one of our guys from IPWA go there and come back, and there is a very strict psychology philosophy applied in WWE (and rightly so as far as I'm concerned). You can't just go from the indies to WWE, you have to learn wrestling in WWE's norm and way of thinking, you have to learn to have a unification throughout the card, you have to learn to wrestle to the "hard camera". There's a lot that goes into being a WWE wrestler that you just can't learn outside of WWE.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Good news to hear Sarah Del Rey is a good Women's wrestler.. . soon to be reunited with Chris Hero and Claudio at some point… about time WWE did something right.

    • Guy Landau

      WWE has been doing A LOT right for the past couple of years now. True, they flop big angles (Punk, Nexus), but they do just about everything else very well nowadays. Look at the talent roster and the guys getting pushed. All are GREAT wrestlers, capable of amazing matches.

  • Jeez! WWE is on a roll with signing awesome wrestlers this week.

  • Heda

    Firsty it’s Sara**

    And secondly HELL YEAH.


  • Angel

    People still forgetting its WWE. Even though shes quality, I have absolutely no faith in the E making a proper divas division. They’ll underutilize her and have her job to their next Barbie

  • Fernando

    Great signing, I hope this helps Divas division to make a 180º turn.

  • Joe

    At a first glance I thought it said Lana Del Rey, that was a very confusing millisecond I assure you

    • Wainwright

      THAT’S why I thought I knew who it was… Don’t know who she is, but Anything to improve the “Diva’s”. I feel ashamed (as a heterosexual American male) to fast forward threw chicks wearing next to nothing rolling around on a mat. I should be all about it, but it’s gotten so freaking bad. They need tk actually wrestle (or actually wrestle well) to catch my interest anymore. Unles you’re AJ, she’s just amazing.

      • Chris

        Yeah, and you only have to fast forward for about 2 minutes and the Divas are all done for this week's episode…

  • Another score for the Internet fans!

  • Steve l

    She has to go to FCW so her in ring skills can be watered down.

    • Guy Landau

      Untrue – She will learn to wrestle the WWE style, which is VERY different from being watered down. It has to do with the "hard camera" and WWE psychology, which she did not have before. Will it limit her offense? Yes, but it would add substance… That is, unless she gets treated like a regular diva and not like Kharma. In which case yeah, she'll just be an afterthought.

  • Liam

    Love it! Great talent

  • ceedot

    Sin cARA + alberto DEL rio + REY mysterio… Coincidence? I think not.

    • Adam

      I like that.

  • Guy Landau

    Del Ray and PAC in the same day? That's odd, almost as if there has been a change backstage in WW… Oh hey, didn't Triple H take over talent development recently?

    • Lin

      that he did

      • Guy Landau

        It may not have been very clear (completely of my own fault) but my post was sarcastic. It was also unclear from your response Lin whether you got that, but re-reading what I wrote I find it near impossible to get that it was sarcastic so I just want to clear it up for everyone anyway… Darn, I really need to find a sarcasm font…