WWE Signs Tom La Ruffa To A Developmental Contract

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Tom La Ruffa announced on his official Facebook page that he has signed a WWE developmental contract. La Ruffa has already reported to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

La Ruffa is from Nice, France and is a graduate of the Storm Wrestling Academy.

  • LilRJ

    Hellz yeah

  • outkazt09

    From storm wrestling academy? Can’t wait to see what this guy can do.

    • William Shatner

      You'll not find out whilever he's working for Vince. Having trained to a high standard in the Storm Wrestling Academy, he'll now have to forget all that and train again in the WWE "punch, kick, clothesline, punch, punch, pose during the commercial, punch, kick, finishing move" style.

  • Fernando

    I like the fact WWE is trying to globalize its roster. Next one, a wrestler form Spain (I wish).

  • Miikka

    WWE should sign Starbuck!

  • JayL

    Saw Tom live in Spain once in a small indie show and LOOOOOOOVED HIM!!! Great heel! It was fun to watch and got super heat from the crowd with ease. I hope the best to him in WWE, he has the size and the charisma to be great!

  • Mike Brailsford

    Typical if they stereotype him into being a romantic womaniser or arrogant character waving a flag and refusing to speak English.

  • vmagic