WWE Slammy Winners & Losers In Latest Episode Of "Backstage Fallout"

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This week's "Backstage Fallout" Raw goest backstage with Slammy winners and losers and can be watched in the video embedded below:

  • The Big Organ

    I have a huge problem with two of the awards. First of all, superstar of the year: John Cena? Really? REALLY? Really? If the voting was at the hands of the “WWE Universe” then judging by the boos from the crowd in Philly last night, Cena’s win was rigged! There’s no way in hell! So what, the little kids voted? They were the majority? Man this is so bogus! My other problem is match of the year: even though I will agree Triple H vs The Undertaker was a big time match and a very good one at that, it was a gimmick match and not a pure wrestling match. Lets see, it was a HIAC match with a special guest ref who just happens to be the greatest all around performer in wwe history Shawn Michaels…hmmm interesting. Now the match I voted for was a match that had it all, told a story and had a lot of drama and athletism and not to mention spots. I’m talking about Sheamus vs Big Show. That was the best match of 2012 in my view! I know I’m just one guy vs many who feel a gimmick match is better than a pure wrestling match. But here’s the thing, Big Show…he’s not known to be a wrestler, he’s more like a one dimentional giant with one set of moves but he impressed the hell outta me with his first match against Sheamus. Now look at Sheamus, the guy is not even in his prime yet as he’s accomplished so much. To put on a match like that being in the business such a short time shows his work ethic. I’m disappointed by the outcome f these two Slammy winners.

    • Ou812

      So what if the kids voted for cena? Weren’t you a kid once ? Did you root for guys like hogan or warrior? Kids are just as much fans the 18-35 yr olds. And I bet they complain less about what boring mid carder didn’t get his 15 minutes of fame. Cm punk didn’t win because he wore out his pipe bomb and now the same fans that are bored with cena are now bored with punk. At least the kids can agree on cena. The rest of you fans do nothing but critique every aspect of the wwe to no end and love some superstars and leave them when the next independent sensation comes along. The voting probably was rigged but the Philadelphia crowd that booed cena wasn’t the majority of the wwe universe. Sheamus and big show put on a good match and I’m sure they’re happy just to be nominated with the likes of taker, HHH, cena, rock, and Brock.