WWE Smackdown House Show Results (3/03/12) - Albany, Georgia

Below are quick results from yesterday's WWE Smackdown live event from the Albany Civic Center in Albany, Georgia:

* The Great Khali b. Jinder Mahal

* Ted DiBiase b. Hunico

* Heath Slater b. Drew McIntyre

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes b. Justin Gabriel

* WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya b. Alicia Fox & Tamina

* Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio

* World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan b. Big Show & Randy Orton in a triple-threat match to retain.

  • Van

    Heath Slater beat Drew McIntyre?that's just sad.

  • CaliburUK

    So Teddy Long fires Drew but he’s still working the house show loop? Well thought out WWE, well thought out…

  • Shea

    I thought Drew was fired from Smackdown?? Haha

    • Dangerous Lee

      Exactly what I was thinking….

      • Ok, I’m a big wrestling fan and I am not amhsaed! Me and some friends ordered Wrestlemania this year and quite frankly, I thought it was awesome. The Money In the Bank just keeps getting better every year, Ric Flair went out in spectacular fashion and on top of that, the Big Show got punched in the face with brass knuckles! The only disappointment was the Tripe Threat match which ended TERRIBLY!

  • aly

    Looks like ADR is cleared to compete again. Wonder if we’ll see him tomorrow..

  • Casey Mac

    I still have "Smackdown" on DVR, for a minute I thought I remembered it wrong.

  • Oct06lilosi445 @TheSoulOfTheDark Blood doesn’t add anything to risetlwng other than a personal feud. Look at TNA in the past with the overload of blood, it didnt do shit for them. Cursing also doesnt do much at all as well and if you watch WWE programming you will know they curse a lot more than they did in 2008. But then again it doesnt really mean shit when it comes to risetlwng.