WWE Smackdown House Show Results (7/21/12) - WWE & World Heavyweight Titles Defended, Ted DiBiase Works

Below are quick results from last night's WWE Smackdown live event in Sioux City, Iowa:

* Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara b. Camacho & Hunico

* Damien Sandow b. Xavier Woods

* Natalya b. Kaitlyn

* Ryback b. Drew McIntyre

* World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match

* Ted DiBiase b. Jinder Mahal

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian b. Cody Rhodes

* WWE Champion CM Punk b. Daniel Bryan & Kane in a triple threat match

  • Austin

    Why is CM Punk on a Smackdown house show? Shouldn't he be on the Raw house show???

    • Joe O.

      He’s been touring with the Smackdown crew all summer in place of Randy Orton to bring some star power to the Blue Crew.

      • Anand

        This was put up on WNW long back as soon as news about Orton's suspension was released. Since Orton was the biggest star of Smackdown, his absence was filled with Punk and other RAW stars. If you remember, even Cena was in one of the Smackdowns a few weeks back.