WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/30/12) - Wichita Falls, Texas

Below are quick results from last night's WWE Smackdown live event in Wichita Falls, Texas:

* Justin Gabriel b. Heath Slater

* Ted DiBiase b. Leo Krueger

* Kaitlyn b. Natalya

* Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara b. Cody Rhodes & The Miz

* Wade Barrett b. Tyson Kidd

* Ryback b. Jinder Mahal

* World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio in a street fight

  • Ellen

    Pootr Tyson.

  • PainOfDemise

    I wonder when they're going to put DiBiase back on TV.

    • WAYNE

      I'm so sick of this Jinder Mahal and Ryback feud !!!!!!!! Enough is Enough

  • Shawn

    Why have the miz tag why not Sandow I mean they did put that crappy tag name on them. And DiBiasie should be teamed with joe hennig(will not call him by mcgullicrapper) and be called the fortunate sons everyone would love to hate these guys wine and cry that they deserve the spotlight just because of who they are and what their fathers did

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    does Justin Gabriel use the 450 splash anymore as I haven't seen it in ages