WWE SmackDown Results (4/11/14) - Cesaro Neutralizes Big Show, The Champions Take Out The Corporate Chumps

WWE SmackDown Results (4/11/14)
From the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of SmackDown!

Rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior.

John Cena's music hits and he runs to the ring to kick things off this week. He grabs a mic. He says it sounds like you're tired. It's been a busy week starting with WrestleMania 30. It started with Hogan, Stone Cold, and The Rock having an iconic moment. Kofi was a wildcat, and Cesaro won the battle royal. Bray Wyatt... You can't see me. And sadly, The Undertaker was defeated.

The Game got played, and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champ! That was just WrestleMania. We believed in The Shield, got some bad news, found out Lesnar is the one, and Cesaro is a Paul Heyman guy. And his theme song got rewritten. Cena was taught to bo-lieve in himself. He mentions Adam Rose and Alexander Rusev. And Paige.... she turned the page in the divas division. I am the measuring stick. I am John Cena. Any If anyone wants their feet planted on the top of the mountain, they are going to have to go through me.

The Wyatt Family appear on the tron. Harper talks first, and Bray follows. When he looks inside himself, he sees the good, the bad, and the miracles. He is free. It must have been frightening, you were right there. Wyatt says he has to go to new extremes to see the monster. He's got the whole world in his... hands.

Cole and JBL talk about Lesnar ending The Streak while news articles are shown.

Big Show makes his way to the ring. Paul Heyman steps out on the stage. He stands before us as the advocate for the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Cesaro enters with no music. Heyman joins commentary.

Big Show vs. Cesaro

Lock up, Cesaro pushes Show off. Big Show shoves Cesaro. Cesaro is taken back down, he rolls out of the ring. Show picks him up by the head and slaps him on the apron. Cesaro tries to suplex Big Show back in the ring from the apron. Big Show sends Cesaro over him onto the outside. Back in the ring, Show covers Cesaro. Cesaro rolls out, avoiding the KO punch. Heyman tells Cesaro to take his air.


After the break, Big Show slaps Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro kicks Show and hops on his back as they stand in the middle of the ring. Sleeperhold continues to be locked in. Show throws him off into the corner. Cesaro hops back on him Show throws him off, followed by clotheslines and a big shoulderblock. He attempts the Choke Slam, but Cesaro jumps back on to put in the Sleeperhold. Show slams him while still on his back. Show goes up top, Cesaro dodges the elbow drop. He grabs his legs for the Swing when Swagger runs in and locks in the Patriot Lock.

Winner: Cesaro - by DQ (10:05)

Big Show throws Swagger out, but Cesaro hits Show with an uppercut. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Big Show.

A Bo Dallas vignette airs.

Los Matadores enter the ring as they come back from commercial. Ryback and Axel are in the ring.

Los Matadores vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Ryback and Diego lock up. Ryback is slapped several times. Diego hits a dropkick. Ryback catches Diego and slams him. Axel is tagged in, Diego slaps him. Axel hits Diego with a big knee. Ryback and Axel double-team in the corner, two. Headlock put in on Diego. Diego gets out and kicks Ryback. Axel and Fernando come in. Fernando takes Axel down, hurricanrana follows. Fernando taken to the opposite corner, elbow to Axel. Diego jumps from the top. Cover, Ryback breaks it. El Torito is caught by Ryback. Fernando runs out onto Ryback. Axel hits Diego with the neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Ryback and Axel - by pinfall (4:55)

RVD is interviewed by Renee Young backstage. He says the face of the company now has a beard, but everyone's missed his face.

Damien Sandow is in the ring. RVD makes his way to the ring.

Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam

Lock up, Sandow is rolled up. RVD takes Sandow down, tries for a move, but Sandow rolls him up. Big kick in the corner from RVD. Rolling Thunder connects. RVD does a moonsault out of the ring onto nothing as Sandow moved. Sandow pins him in the ring for a tow. Sandow hits a few knee drops, cover. Sandow throws RVD down, knee drop and Elbow of Disdain connect for another pin. Sandow pins Van Dam again, kickout. RVD kicks Sandow and rolls him up. Another kick to the face. He goes up top, but Sandow stops him. They punch each other, Sandow is pushed. RVD connects with the Five-Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: RVD - by pinfall (4:22)

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring with a big pop. Well let me tell you something, brother! As the host of WrestleMania, he was there first-hand. When Daniel Bryan won the world title, he turned it into YES-tleMania. As he held those titles up, he got chills going through his body. Daniel Bryan comes out with the WWE and World Heavyweight titles as a big YES chants breaks out. Well let me tell you something, Hulkster! This has, by far, been the greatest week of Bryan's life. He's back on SmackDown, he's getting married soon, and he main-evented Mania to win the WWE Championship.

Now, he's in the ring with the Immortal, Hulk Hogan. Bryan is an ordinary guy. The biggest superstar... was you. Bryan said he took his vitamins every day to get those 24 inch pythons. He's been a Hulkamaniac for as long as he can remember. There is one thing he's always wanted to see live. Hogan's music goes off. Hogan does his usual thing in the ring and Bryan tries it too. The segment ends with a YES chant.

This Monday's Raw will be in memory of Ultimate Warrior.

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. Bad News Barrett enters with his cape on.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bad News Barrett

Barrett grabs a mic and starts to talk, Kofi runs up but Barrett punches him. Barrett sends Kofi into the corner. Kofi hits a dropkick out of the corner. Crossbody, two. Kofi dodges the Bullhammer and hits a clothesline followed by the Boom Drop. Barrett rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Barrett is kicked. Barrett hits the Bullhammer as Kofi tries for the Trouble in Paradise.

Winner: Bad News Barrett - by pinfall (2:07)

Santino Marella is in the ring with Emma. Fandango dances his way to the ring with his new valet, Layla.

Santino Marella vs. Fandango

Santino flips Fandango over, headlock in.  Fandango slaps Santino as he does the power walk. Fandango covers Santino, two. Santino punches him a couple times, hip toss follows. Layla steals the cobra, and Fandango rolls Santino up for the win.

Winner: Fandango - by pinfall (1:27)

Cole and JBL talk about Paige beating AJ on Raw to win the Divas Championship. A video package airs highlighting Paige's win on Raw.

Backstage, Kane tells Orton and Batista to put away their problems. Bryan, The Shield, and The Uso's are all their problems. Orton and Batista start to argue over who challenges Bryan. Kane ends it by saying let's go to work.

The Uso's make their way to the ring, followed by Daniel Bryan. Kane, Batista, and Orton enter separately after the break.

Daniel Bryan & The Uso's vs. Randy Orton, Batista, & Kane

Batista and Uso start. Batista takes The Uso to the corner, Uso scored some offense with a slap and kick. Uso tagged in, kick to the face. Batista with a spinebuster, two. Orton stomps on Uso. Orton poses after the stomps. Orton tags out as they go to break.


After the break, Kane slaps Uso. Batista tagged in, stomp on Uso. Orton holds Uso in the corner while Batista worked on him. Orton back in, slings Uso into the ropes, two. Orton tosses Uso into the ropes, two. Waist lock in on Uso while down on the mat. Orton connects with a dropkick. Kane with a side slam, two. Orton comes in and pins Uso. Orton wraps around the Uso, Bryan tries to rev up the crowd. Uso gets power-slammed. Uso with a Samoan Slam. Uso kicks Kane in the head, hot tag to Bryan who drop kicks Kane. He takes out Batista as well. Big kicks to Kane, with Kane getting tossed out of the ring. Bryan flies out onto him. Orton and Batista take out Bryan, Uso's fly out onto them. They brawl outside the ring, and the ref calls for the bell.

No contest (12:28)

Batista throws Uso into Orton for an RKO. Kane takes care of the announce table, Batista hits the other Uso with the Batista Bomb. The Shield attack Kane, Orton and Batista watch in the ring. They leave once The Shield gets in there. Bryan hits Kane with the running knee. The Shield hits him with the triple powerbomb. The show ends with Bryan and The Shield in the ring and the fans chanting that powerful word... YES!

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    I’m running the live coverage tonight, so I will be in and out. Looks to be a good show with the advertised matches.

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  • Matt

    So unfortunate all this was taped before Warrior’s passing. I’d like a cool tribute before Raw, too

    • I’m hoping to see some wrestlers run to the ring at full speed Warrior style

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        Too bad CM Punk isn’t still with the company as you know he’d be out in Warrior makeup

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  • I love it that I was right on who ended up being the New Heyman Guy.

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      Totally didn’t see that coming! But I love it

      • I was laughed at for suggesting it because it didn’t make sense because Cesaro was “Face”.

        • Matt

          well what you don’t know, is I’m the Next Paul Heyman Guy. Cesaro is just a facade

  • It was great to see paige finally debut. even huger that she won the title.

  • It will be interesting to see what Cesaro’s new theme will be. I heard he didn’t have one for smackdown.

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      Cult of Personality by Living Colour

    • Crud, he needs something great!

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    Here come the men in black!

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    I can already tell that Raw will be emotional this Monday.

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  • I’m from Winnepeg You Idiot! Sign in the crowd. LOL

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    I love Michael Cole

    • After how he handled Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, I do too.

      • Agreed. He was fantastic that night. Classy.

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        He’s the man, that’s for sure!

    • David Jr.

      He’s improve so much since he’s started and he’s replaced one of the most beloved announcers of all time and I think that’s why he’s hated on.

  • I was impressed with the crowd, then remembered it was two nights after WM, so of course they were wild.

  • He wants everyone’s pop. LOL!

  • I’m still not giving up hope of being part of the Yes! Movement on Tuesday.

  • I can’t hate on Cena. He’s enjoying himself and you have to like that.

    • And doing a solid job of talking up the week – to that point.

  • Pun Master Cena.

  • about time Cena switches from the underdog character to the Guy everyone has to beat to be the best.

    • He is Flair from back in the day. To be the man, you need to beat the man.

      • Yeah. and one day he will replace Flair as the all-time World Champion leader.

  • I never realized how close together his eyes were until now. WOW.

  • Luke Harper has a brilliant delivery.

  • David Jr.

    So John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt feud looks like its continuing, so what type of match would you like them to have at Extreme Rules?

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    Bray Wyatt is absolute GOLD

  • Cesaro is sparkly!

  • packerpf

    Cesaro needs to take that title off Dean Ambrose

    • That title doesn’t matter. I don’t care if Ambrose keeps the prop for the rest of his career.

    • CJ Blaze

      Love that idea.

  • CJ Blaze

    Cesaro vs. Show should be interesting

    • Matt

      big big swing

  • My Idea is to have Bryan beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam but lose to Cesaro when Cesaro Cashes in the Money In the bank contract sparking a feud between Cesaro and Bryan.

  • Dean Ambrose 327 days as champion. 17 days from breaking the WWE only Record for US Title reign.

    • David Jr.

      He’ll break it and also break Lex Luger’s 523 days reign because WWE forgot about the title and think Dean Ambrose wears it to hold up his pants.

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    Cesaro swing on big show here we go!

  • packerpf

    Cesaro going to get a new vid and song now?

    • That’s why he has nothing now.

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    First annual…why not inaugural

  • Cesaro is face and Heyman is heel. I like it!

  • That was cool to see Heyman give him advise while on commentary.

  • Michael Cole just mentioned the Grand Wizard on the app. Mad props!

  • CJ Blaze

    I’m hoping for a swing or Neutralizer. Both would be impressive

  • I’ve been watching 96-98 WCW PPVs, and it’s shocking how much different Big Show is. It’s like he’s comfortable in his skin compared to then. Then again, he put on 100lbs in less than a year, and that couldn’t be helpful for him to feel like himself in the ring.

    • The big show is remarkable athletic for his size.

      • He is, and watching him when he was so young, and grow into this body, is very interesting.

    • David Jr.

      I’m still shock how he survived falling off the roof.
      “it’s real to me”

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    A movie based on Jinn. Wow. Never thought i’d see that

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      And it was made in Michigan.

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  • “I explained to him that my name was Paul Heyman and he signed immediately”. LOL!!!

  • Heyman has great facial expressions.

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        they’re going to be milking his “holding his mouth” facial expression for a long time

  • Swagger stops the swing and gets the Big Show DQ’d.

  • What a uppercut!

  • The neutralizer!!!

  • Thwagger is finally being treated as insignificant. YES!

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      • Children! LOL!

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  • Glad to see Cesaro finally is getting a big Push.

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  • RybAxel on the app. Oh goody!

  • Axel: “I’m the one who put Paul Heyman back on the map.” ROFL!!!!

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      Axel: “I’m the reason Hulk Hogan won the title in the 80s”

    • He deserves beat with a Kendo Stick for that.

  • Oooooh!! They’re quiet and angry!!

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    I almost bought a BoLiever t shirt today, but bought a million blu rays and two video games instead

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  • YES! El Dorito! ARN!

  • Los Matadores need to do some crunches. Yikes!

  • Monday is Raw is Warrior. and that’s a good thing.

    • Matt

      Maybe. I hope they don’t milk it too far. They’re only doing it to profit, sadly.

      • Not sure that’s fair. They’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do. How would they profit from a UW tribute show?

        • Matt

          By advertising it in a banner across Smackdown, lol. Hit me up on Facebook so I can explain to you in ways that doesn’t upset some of our other readers.

          • Diplomatic and professional. Thank you.

          • Matt

            Absolutely. 🙂

        • To me it’s no different then the tribute shows for Eddie and Owen. It’s the right thing to do.

      • David Jr.

        WWE should take all profits from that show and give to his wife’s charity of choice.

        • Matt

          or give it to the girls for college.

          • David Jr.

            I was going to say that, too.

          • I agree with both of you, it’s the way to do it.

          • David Jr.

            I don’t think I could rewatch the Warriors speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony just because of the line where he says the greatest thing I ever did was be your father.

  • Proof you are irrelevant as a tag team? You lose to rybaxel

  • CJ Blaze

    I think this will be the first time I cover an RVD match.

  • You know what the WWE Tag Team division needs? The Ascension.

  • Titus killing it on the app. Why don’t they let him do promos on the show?

  • Damien Sandow = whatever Plucky Duck flushed in his toliet.

  • Matt

    I want these two to have a good feud.

  • David Jr.

    2 of the 3 guys to cash in their MITB’s not after another match, and both faced John Cena, ironically the other guy is John Cena.

    • David Jr.

      Well not after getting beat up either, because CM Punk’s first cash in wasn’t after a match but Batista did beat up Edge before hand.

  • Wrong Time to Come Back!

  • I’m not a fan of RVD’s Frog splash.

    • Matt

      he does it the best!

      • Eddie’s was better.

        • Eddie’s didn’t look like it hurt him more then the guy he landed on.

          • Agreed. And it might have been his build, but he looked better flying.

          • Matt

            RVD > Eddie.

          • Eddie>RVD you ECW Mark.

          • Matt

            RVD is the Whole Fn Show…the T shirt says so.

          • He had his show stopped by HBK.

          • Okay boys, take this fight outside before it gets ugly in here.

          • Probably a large part of it was he was trained to do everything perfectly. RVD coming up in ECW didn’t have to have that polish since it fit in with the style of ECW.

      • Eddie did.

  • Damien San-job.

  • Big E on the app….being amazing!!!

  • Alexander is round. Very round. LOL!!

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I love the old spice commercial where the woman is riding behind the car in a clothes basket

  • Why doesn’t WWE just let Big E be Big E on the show? This promo is annoying me because he’s so funny!

  • This is the segment I am looking the most forward too.

  • Matt

    Totally singing Hulk’s song out loud!

    • I still have my old “Wrestling Album”…on cassette and LP. ROFL!

      • Matt

        oh man!!!! What else is on there?

        • You *NEED* that album. Junkyard Dog is amazing on it! Cyndi Lauper is there as Mona Flambe. It’s the greatest album ever!

          • Matt


        • Let’s also not forget it’s best track: Jimmy Hart – “Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield.”

    • Colleen

      It’s hard to not get stuck in your head.

  • Brother: 1

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  • Brother: 3

  • YestleMania!

  • Brother: 4

  • can’t get much better then Hogan and Bryan in the ring at the same time.

  • I’d say this is pretty much anointing Bryan as The guy.

  • He’s in the ring with Hogan…and he’s loving it!

    • Matt

      he’s not the only one loving it!

    • I think hogan’s loving it too.

  • Matt

    Hogan just legitimized Bryan

  • So cool that he’s in the ring with Hogan tonight, and getting married today.

  • Colleen

    I am loving this segment so far.

  • It’s always fun to see Wrestlers let out their inner marks. Bryan is Marking right now.

  • Bryan with 24″ pythons! LOL

  • He’s so completely genuine.

    • David Jr.

      Which is why I think he’s so loved by the fans.

  • Matt

    I don’t know anyone who isn’t a Hulkamaniac

  • This is so cool!!

  • This is awesome to see Hogan and Bryan doing this together.

  • I’m marking like a little girl!

  • Bry is horrible at the ear thing, but he’s so cute! He’s so real it’s endearing!

  • CJ Blaze

    That’s awesome. I would’ve wet my pants if I could do that with Hulk LOL

    • Alex Gallardo

      A bit too much information there…

      • Matt

        I would crap my pants if I got to pose with Hogan in the ring.

        • Alex Gallardo


      • CJ Blaze

        Haha 🙂

  • Colleen

    This is too awesome! So entertaining.

  • I can’t imagine how it must feel for Bryan to see Hogan doing Bryan’s chant.

  • Matt

    Best Smackdown Segment in so long

  • If there was any doubt WWE was going to give bryan a Chance as the face I think that answered them.

    • Matt


  • This is why SD is so worth watching! They do things like Bry in the ring HH, and if it was on Raw, someone would have attacked.

  • The Scrolling message spoken by Michael Cole.

  • Kofi I Be Jobbin’ Kingston.

  • David Jr.

    While it might be impressive, it’s also a good way to break your leg.

    • David Jr.

      I have no idea why it did that.

  • BNB is one of my favorites on the roster! Glad to see him back

  • Barrett has brought back his jacket and is wrestling. Great!

  • Alex Gallardo

    I can’t wait to see Kofi lose.

    • You no likey Kofi?

      • Alex Gallardo

        But BNB 4 life man.

        • amen. Kofi rules, BNB rules all!

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            This is off topic
            But when’s that next podcast coming?

          • I haven’t talked to Gesus about it. I guess it would be good to, lol

          • Alex Gallardo

            Get to it.
            I’m always waiting for the next one.

  • This is great to see him bring the gimmick into the ring.

  • Trouble in bull hammer?

  • the Elbow just a little faster then the kick.

  • I absolutely love this Thank You Package.

  • This Thank You package…..ugh these allergies

    • Alex Gallardo

      You’re an emotional wrecking ball.

    • CJ Blaze

      Allergies suck! I’ve been dealing with them for the last week

      • every time those great HOF speeches and then that thing that happened late Tuesday. Allergies getting me, man.

        • CJ Blaze

          And that streak that ended

          • Alex Gallardo

            aka my heart.

      • Alex Gallardo


  • Alex Gallardo

    That package makes me want another empty arena match
    They don’t even have to do it before a Raw taping
    They can just stop by at the Impact Zone.

  • Fan-done-go on the app.

  • Fandango is not coming out with Summer rae. But coming out with Layla

  • Layla is hotter than Summer Rae so I’m okay with this

    • Infinitely!

    • Alex Gallardo

      But no one is hotter than
      You know who.

      • David Jr.

        Charles Robinson?

      • The Great Khali

        • Alex Gallardo

          Refresh for image

  • Alex Gallardo

    Summer Rae and Fandango’s tweets.

  • I was really struck by how not huge that light-up Fandango is.

  • I Love Santino. There is nothing wrong with a comedy character.

    • Agree. Santino is awesome!

    • Alex Gallardo

      Eric Young destroys him though

      • Who’s Eric Young?

        • Alex Gallardo

          That guy from the scary company down south that begins with a T.

        • some world champion of some indy company with a TV Deal.

        • David Jr.

          Former Los Angeles Dodger/ Colorado Rockie or maybe his son who currently plays for the New York Mets.

          • Alex Gallardo


          • More known as a Cincinnati Reds Outfielder.

          • David Jr.

            Eric Young never played for the Reds.

          • My Mistake. I mixed him up with Eric Davis.

        • Daniel Bryan knock off (beard and underdog) but damn fine wrestler

  • Paige > any other Diva right now

    • Colleen

      I so agree. She is what the Diva’s division needs.

  • Paige Video Package. 😀

  • I’d love to see her wear both titles on Raw monday

  • Alex Gallardo

    Paige slays every other current diva out there

  • CJ Blaze

    AJ vs. Paige vs. Natalya.. book it!

    • Alex Gallardo


  • Adam Rose could be a huge hit on the main roster.

    • Can’t wait for him.

      • Me Either. I love this Gimmick. and rose is a really good wrestler too.

    • David Jr.

      I just know I love his entrance theme in NXT and the song they play during his vignettes.

  • CJ Blaze


    • Alex Gallardo

      and little people.

      • CJ Blaze

        and BUNNIES! lol

        • *bunny hops and trust falls*

          • CJ Blaze

            And kissing current and future ex-girlfriends

  • Adam Rose should be a top card contender

  • this is so not going to go well.

  • Weak promo.

  • Hey Look The tag Team Champions are Main-Eventing Smackdown.

  • Nothing bring a smile to my face more then seeing the smile on Bryan’s face during his entrance.

  • CJ Blaze

    Here goes the star-studded main event. Surprised this wasn’t on Raw, but I’m happy to see the main-event storylines on SmackDown

    • need a good draw to recover from last week’s ratings

    • needed the vehicle to confirm once and for all the Shield Face Turn.


    • CJ Blaze


      • UCE!!!

        • CJ Blaze

          Got to go LOL 😉

        • YO!!!

        • David Jr.

          (sorry my computer has laryngitis)

  • That Kid Rick song is corny. Maybe we won’t have to hear it again.

    • probably not until Extreme Rules is here and they stop showing WrestleMania replays.

  • They cut the rest of HHH’s tweet because of Warrior dying.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Did Batista loose a tooth?

    • like a pound of spit

      • That always grosses me out!

        • Shawn Michaels is notorious for doing that

          • Still terribly goss. I’d rather have Mr. Perfect’s gum fly at me than HBK’s spit!

        • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

          Me too. It’s nasty. Lol

  • CJ Blaze

    My title of the show when done will be Goat and the ______ vs. The Viper, Animal, and Monster or something like that. What should I call The Uso’s??

    • The Prop Holders?

      • CJ Blaze

        Interesting. Bryan was supposed to be goat, so maybe along the lines of animals?

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese


    • Wonder Twins

      • David Jr.

        So is Naomi’s husband, water or animal?

    • The Champs vs The Chumps.

    • David Jr.

      The Kids?

    • I’d rather it be something on Cesaro’s Feat Of Strength.

  • Beautiful Power slam by Orton.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I do like to see Randy’s power slam.

    • 2 things Randy does as good if not better than anyone in history is that slam and his drop kick.

      • love his dropkick

  • Glad Bryan isn’t wearing the goat print boots he wore at Mania

    • David Jr.

      He’s probably going to sign them and WWE will put them up for auction.

    • they were a tribute to Brusier Brody.

  • nasty fall, glad batista checked to see if he was okay

  • Sierra

    • Jesse Sherwood


  • That settles the rumors of Ambrose being injured. Looks fine to me

  • Daniel Bryan has to be thinking it is awesome not to be on the receiving end of these beat downs anymore.

  • Alex Gallardo

    Aww my bae looked so strong tonight

  • Who Knew William Regal was a Reptile man?

  • David Jr.

    Indy wrestling fan dream, Brian Danielson, Tyler Black and John Moxley standing tall at the end of Raw and Smackdown.

    • CJ Blaze

      That’s awesome

  • Right around now in filming is where they learned Warrior died. I wonder if they knew already and were just holding off.

  • The monitor said Main Event on it. LOL

  • Wow, way to be chatty during the Backstage Pass, kiddos, lol

  • I’m surprised they didn’t edit that comment.

  • ooooo they still kept in that Obituary comment

    • they edited it out of smackdown but not backstage pass.

  • Renee is fantastic in this role. She’s my absolute favorite.

  • Renee is so short!

    • David Jr.

      According to WWE.com she’s 5’5

  • Bryan is racking up his memorable moments this year.

  • I would watch this Hogan/Bryan moment a million times over!

  • Rick Derringer – session musician extraordinaire and player on thousands of tunes – is made immortal by “Real American.”

  • I found Waldo!

    • I said that Tuesday ;(


  • I just noticed both of my suggestions made the title.

  • Night all. Backstage pass still going on but no one really talking so I’m bailing. Catch you all Monday!