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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results From Tampa, Florida

Written by Ryan Gray on Jun 8, 2010 - 10:04:55 PM

WWE taped this week's edition of SmackDown from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, Florida. Wrestling News World reader Shannon Sylvia is inside the arena and providing us with live text-message updates.

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday)
* SmackDown opens with a recap of The Undertaker being found in a vegetative state where Kane vows there will be vengeance. Rey Mysterio is then shown winning last week's Battle Royal match for Undertaker's vacant spot at WWE's upcoming Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view.

* Big Show will take on CM Punk while Jack Swagger will take on Rey Mysterio. Fatal 4-Way participants compete with Mysterio and Swagger kicking off this week's edition of SmackDown.

* Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger
Rey comes out and talks about last week's show where he won the SmackDown battle royal and says it'll be his World Title. He's cut off by Jack Swagger's music. Swagger comes out and tells Rey to capitalize on the misfortune of The Undertaker. He then mocks Mysterio where he says he was winning in. Lots of 619 chants. Rey thinks all that education went to a waste and says he's proud of his heritage. CM Punks comes out with SES and says "Malcom X got JFK in 1963" and this time he fell victim to the Season One NXT rookies. Punk then talks about how he'll be a four time straightedge World Heavyweight Champion.

Rey Mysterio tells CM Punk that he is daring to take his mask off after Punk had his head shaved. Big Show comes out and says he will take care of business where he'll beat three competitors and walk out the World Champion. Big Show then mocks Punk by saying he looks good bald. He can't help but wonder if Kane's responsible for Undertaker's demise. When Kane finds out who did it someone will end up in Taker's casket. Kane says it could be four people that did it and promises their will be vengeance.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger finally begins with a few back and forth moves. Swagger holds Rey to the ground until Rey rolls out of it and hits a move that sends Jack flying from the ring. Swagger smashes Mysterio into the turnbuckle. Rey hits a 619 and a frog-splash for a two-count. Rey is shocked. The two go at each other with Rey hitting a few moves until he tosses Jack back into the ring. Rey gets thrown out of the ring as Swagger stands tall until; he goes out of the ring and beats him up. Swagger goes for a submission move but Rey fights back until Swagger hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Swagger tries for a suplex off of the turnbuckle for a nearfall but ultimately gets heat from the fans. Rey makes a comeback and gets the win after reversing the gutwrench powerbomb into a 619.

After the match Swagger attacks Rey until Kane comes out and takes both of them out.

* Layla w/Michelle McCool & Kaval b. Tiffany w/Kelly Kelly
Lay-Cool came out and tell the crowd to be quiet and said they are there to get a famous flawless makeover. Michelle McCool starts teaching Kaval a lesson. The match was fairly short with Michelle distracting the referee. Layla got the win after a sloppy neckbreaker.

* Christian b. Dolph Ziggler
Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler after Christian came out to the ring. The match starts with Vickie watching. Dolph dominates the first part of the match even hitting a stunner on Christian. Christian eventually gains control over the match and gets the win with a rollup pinfall. After the match Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer make a statement. Dolph then puts Christian in a sleeperhold and then he walks out with Vickie.

* Kane is shown looking over the casket with dead roses on top. He says that his soul is empty and he will lead vengeance into hell.

* Drew MacIntyre comes out and demands that Teddy Long comes out. Long comes out and Drew tells him to watch what happened to him last week on Raw. He says that Matt Hardy is suspended from all WWE programming. Drew then gets in Teddy's face. Kofi Kingston comes out and says he earned the Intercontinental Championship like a man. Kofi and Drew exchange blows until Kofi finally takes him out.

* Teddy Long is then shown on the phone. Drew comes into his office and says next week he'll be taking him on. If Long loses, he'll be fired according to Mr. McMahon.

* Big Show b. CM Punk w/SES via DQ
CM Punk and Big Show start out doing their boxing moves. Punk then goes for a kick and climbs until Show dares him to give him a KO punch. Show tries to rip off Punk's mask followed by some chops. Show goes for the chokeslam and once again tries to remove Punk's mask. SES and a 'hooded' individual come in the ring and take out Big Show. Kane comes out and cleans house. He takes Big Show out with a chokeslam. This ends this week's edition of SmackDown.

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