WWE Star Arrested For DUI For A Second Time

Jimmy Uso was arrested for Driving Under the Influence on Wednesday in Tampa, Florida. According to the arrest report, Uso was arrested at 12:47 PM Wednesday afternoon and booked at 12:48 PM on the charge of DUI. Uso was released later in the day at 3:08 PM on $500 cash bond.

Below is the arrest report:

[information]Jimmy Uso Arrest Report[/information]

This is Uso's second DUI arrest while under WWE contract as he was arrested in the early morning hours of September 29, 2011 in Tampa after a police officer observed him traveling the wrong way in his silver Ford Mustang. His BAC was reported at .180, more than double the .08 legal limit during that arrest.

Uso, whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, is the son of WWE legend Rikishi. His identical twin brother, Jey, is his tag team partner.

  • sir-rusty82

    Well atleast it was after lunchtime or someone would think his got a drinking problem 😛

  • Patrick

    and I bet WWE punishes him…yet they do nothing about Swagger….yeah that will be fair. if they do.

  • Kleck

    Well, it’s not like outside the ring activities will take them off TV or bury them.

  • Trey8161

    Well..we wish Jimmy Uso well in his future endeavors…

  • PainOfDemise

    Wow, didn’t know he was only a year older than I am.

  • Trey8161

    Blowing a .18 at lunch time is pretty impressive..

    • No, no the .18 was from the ’11 arrest. I see how you got confused and have edited the article for clarity.

      • Trey8161

        Sorry bout that Richard..my mistake.

  • Us-oh sh-!

  • K!NG

    As someone who works for a company that recently had an employ get arrested and our work van impounded for DUI and Possesion the employ is innocent untill proven guilty because if you terminate him and he gets out of the charge somehow you could be sued for wrongful termination. Every company is diffrent but it would set a bad precedent if he is let go and others go un-punised. Not condoning what he did as it is about one of the dumbest things you could do.

  • Nostaljack

    Jimmy Uso’s goose is officially cooked. It’s not like either of them is doing *anything* notable. They had *zilch* going for them and now they won’t be going anywhere.

  • Confused

    I’m more curious to know what Race (B) and Ethnicity (N) mean. Aren’t great initials for a black guy lol

  • Dam, I Google mapped his place but couldn’t get a street view.

  • The GameBreaker

    Good job Uso, good job…