WWE Star Confirms In-Ring Retirement, New Role In NXT

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For those that missed Jason Albert's video blog that we posted on Friday here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, he confirmed he's retired from in-ring competition to train talent at the WWE Performance Center.  Albert talked about 70-75 people getting the opportunity to workout there and put over the capabilities of the facility. He works six days a week at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Click here to watch the video again or you can check it out embedded below:

Albert, whose real name is Matt Bloom, has held numerous gimmicks throughout his career. In the video above, he went through the gimmicks in WWE alone and the list is quite extensive.

Albert worked for WWE from 1999-2004 before having success in Japan, working for both All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He returned to WWE in 2012 after The Undertaker pitched him to company officials.

Albert also works as a commentator for WWE NXT broadcasts.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Robbie Newman for his assistance.

  • jman72485

    Good for him. I honestly thought he was let go since I haven’t seen him on TV since he and Brodie clay split

  • Vic Jose

    will anyone miss him? He’s better on commentary anyway

  • Jason

    Nothing like a Hasbeen who never amount to anything announces his retirement. Thats… nice.

    • George

      Beats being a “Neverwas” like you.

      • Jason

        To use that term is bashing every fan in the world who never got into the business. So by saying this, its insulting everyone including yourself. But um.. yeah you go do that. Just because i have an honest opinion on how Alberts character is from before and after Japan doesn’t mean its subject for insult. Thats how corrupted this country has become. But allow me to retort.

        Albert was better off in Japan because thats where he has had the most success. The 2 times he was in WWE they made him look like an Unsuccessful Low talented Hasbeen like they do for most people. So yeah go a head make your comments.

  • ldb

    I m glad he still has a job. But I like him. He was a good big man and seems like a good guy.

  • Lebron James

    Great big man. I hope he’s saved his money. He had a helluva run in the big leagues. Good for him. Thank you, Albert.

  • Danny Trayer Jr

    He looks and sounds happy to be where he is now. Good for him.

  • Mick Daley

    He is a decent wrestler, who was never used to his full potential. That can be said about many WWE wrestlers. Some faces fit, others don’t.

  • Brandon Roberts

    good for him. tensai gimmick was an awful idea

  • bummed1

    Will miss you, Matt. I just wish they would have let you become the monster you could have been. Wearing a dress and kissing Vince’s ass along with the storywriters just didn’t seem like you. I know the pay was good and all, but I think they totally used you the wrong way. Also should have gone out on top. But anyways, have fun broadcasting NXT, and enjoy your retirement!